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SACO Funnel Projects and Coordinators

PCC NACO Funnel Projects

African American Subject Funnel Project

Gemmicka Piper, MLIS/PhD
Humanities Librarian
Indiana University--Purdue University Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Indiana
phone: 317-274-0978
email: [email protected]

Africana Funnel Project

Margaret W. Hughes
Stanford University
Lathrop Library
518 Memorial Way
Stanford, CA 94305
tel: 650.723.1259
e-mail:[email protected]


Sherman Clarke
New York University Libraries (retired)
33 South Main Street
Alfred, New York 14802
tel: 607.587.8429
email: [email protected]

Colorado-Wyoming Subject Authority Funnel Project

Created September 22, 2008
Coordinator: Vacant

Hawaii/Pacific Subject Authority Funnel Project

Nancy Sack
University of Hawaii at Manoa
tel: 808.956.2648
fax: 808.956.5968
email: [email protected]

Judaica Subject Authority Funnel Project

Heidi Lerner
Stanford University
tel: 650.725.9953
fax: 650.725.1120
email: [email protected]

Latin American and Indigenous Peoples of the Americas Funnel

Sara Levinson
Latin American and Iberian Cataloger
Resource Description & Management CB# 3914
Davis Library
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-8890
tel: (919) 962-0153
email: [email protected]

Law Funnel

Christopher Thomas
email: [email protected]

Music Funnel -- Music Library Association (MLA) external link

MLA PCC Funnels external link

Nancy Lorimer
Metadata Department Head
Lathrop Library
518 Memorial Way
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305
tel: 650.725.8819
email: [email protected]

Northern Michigan University Subject Funnel Project

Krista E. Clumpner
Olson Library
Northern Michigan University
tel: 906.227.1205
fax: 906.227.1333
email: [email protected]

Northern New England Subject Authority Funnel Project

Penny Baker
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
tel: 413.458.0531
fax: 413..
email: [email protected]

Slavic Funnel

Larisa Walsh
Regenstein Library
University of Chicago
tel: 773.702.8726
fax: 773.702.6623
email: [email protected]

Virginia Subject Funnel Project

Amelia C. VanGundy
tel: 276.328.0154
email: [email protected]

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