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PCC Directory

The PCC Directory contains PCC member profiles for both institutions and funnels. Members can use the PCC Directory to submit statistics; vote in PCC elections; and make requests to join additional PCC programs. For more information, please see the PCC Directory Guidelines page.

SACO Funnels

For the complete list of SACO Funnels with contact information, see the list of SACO Funnels and Funnel Coordinators.


The SACOLIST is used by the SACO Community for information sharing and discussion. Anyone affiliated with a SACO member institution or a SACO funnel is invited to join. Please see Discussion Lists for detailed information about joining all PCC related discussion lists.

Email contacts

SACO Program

Contact: [email protected]

  • Schedule completed LCC, LCMPT, and LCSH prposals created in Classification Web Plus (non CIP proposals)
  • Get help directly from members of the PTCP Division
  • Ask to create a new SACO funnel

Contact: [email protected]

Contact: [email protected]

  • Comment on LCC, LCMPT, and LCSH proposals on tentative lists

Contact: [email protected]

  • Ask questions about the SACO membership application process

LCDGT Program

Contact: [email protected]

  • Schedule completed LCDGT proposals created in ClassWeb
  • Comment on LCDGT tentative lists
  • Ask questions about the LCDGT vocabulary

LCGFT Program

Contact: [email protected]

  • Schedule completed LCGFT proposals created in ClassWeb
  • Comment on LCGFT tentative lists
  • Ask questions about the LCGFT vocabulary

CYAC Program

Contact: [email protected]

  • Ask questions about children's subject cataloging