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Through this program, participants contribute authority records for agents, places, works, and expressions to the LC/NACO Authority File. Membership in NACO is open to individual institutions willing to support their staff through a process of training, review, and direct contributions of records to the LC/NACO Name Authority File.

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The PCC affords participants a full course of specialized NACO training and review leading to institutional independence in name authority work. This training is currently offered sequentially in segments that amount to a five day workshop. During the training, guidelines are discussed and expanded upon with an emphasis on building a consistent and predictable file in a collaborative environment.

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NACO Funnels

A NACO funnel project is a group of libraries that have joined together to contribute name authority records to the national authority file.

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NACO partners are global leaders in uniquely identifying authorized names in international databases.

NoteAs of January 2020, there is a temporary moratorium on accepting new members into the NACO Program because the PCC Secretariat is focused on revising documentation and training resources in preparation for anticipated changes in RDA. Until the moratorium has been lifted, please do not submit any applications to join the program. Exception: Existing funnel projects may add new members.

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