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August 1, 2019

What is the NACO Advisory Group?

The NACO Advisory Group is a PCC group that monitors PCC listserv discussion of NACO-related topics, and provides input when a NACO-related topic appears to be unresolved, unanswered, or ambiguously answered, in routine PCC listserv discussion. The advisory group may refer to existing NACO documentation, refer to a NACO best practice, or indicate that the topic may need additional investigation and policy discussion. 

How does the NACO Advisory Group work?

  • The NACO Advisory Group is composed of five NACO catalogers, selected by the PCC Standing Committee on Standards chair(s) and the PCC Secretariat:
    • Three rotating positions
      • August 2022 - August 2023: John Hostage, Ed Jones, Nancy Sack
    • Two permanent positions (one member from the PCC Secretariat, one member from the Library of Congress Policy, Training, and Cooperative Programs Division)
      • PCC Secretariat: Paul Frank
      • Policy, Training, and Cooperative Programs Division: Melanie Polutta
  • The NACO Advisory Group follows a set of internal procedural guidelines
  • The NACO Advisory Group responds to NACO-related PCC listserv discussion using the [email protected] email account when a topic is not resolved through member contributions, or when there is a lack of consensus on a particular NACO-related topic
    • All members must agree before a message from the group  is sent to the PCC listserv  

The NACO Advisory Group is not a formal PCC task group or standing committee, and is not a policy-making PCC entity. The group does not respond to requests from PCC listserv readers. The NACO Advisory Group reacts to NACO topics discussed on the PCC listserv when appropriate, but is not a clearinghouse for NACO questions.

NACO Advisory Group "At-a-Glance" Sheets

PCC CCT (Conventional Collective Title) Feasibility Study

Authority Toolkit for Identity Management: Demonstration

The NACO Advisory Group, with support of the Identity Management Advisory Committee (IMAC), hosted a demonstration of the Authority toolkit for OCLC users on May 17, 2023. The demonstration was led by Gary Strawn (Northwestern University):

Authority toolkit for Identity Management: Demonstration

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