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Slavic countries

The Slavic Funnel

The Slavic Subject Authority Funnel Project, or Slavic Funnel, for short, was formed in 2010 and falls under the Library of Congress Cooperative Cataloging Program known as SACO (Subject Authority Cooperative Program). The goal of the project is to promote and facilitate the creation of subject authority records for all subjects relating to the cataloging of Slavic materials.

The Slavic Funnel has four charter institutional members.

The funnel project provides a framework for proposing new subject headings for inclusion in Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and new classification numbers for Library of Congress Classification (LCC).

Anyone interested in becoming a participant in the funnel project should email Larisa Walsh, Coordinator for the Slavic Subject Authority Funnel Project, Regenstein Library, University of Chicago.

Slavic countries

Current participants include:

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Chicago

Submitting a SACO Proposal

Current members of the Slavic Funnel should complete the Slavic Funnel SACO proposal form and send it as an email attachment to Larisa Walsh, funnel coordinator.

Larisa will review the proposal and will provide feedback to you before the proposal is contributed to the Library of Congress.

Information for current and prospective Slavic Funnel members

In the process of laying the groundwork for this new SACO funnel, several important questions were raised.

Here are some of those questions, in the form of FAQ's:

Q. Are funnel participants required to submit a minimum number of subject authority records each year?

A. No, that is one of the reasons why PCC funnels exist. Although individual institution SACO members are required to submit a minimum of twelve new or changed headings per year, a SACO funnel permits members to submit new and changed headings on an "as needed" basis. There is no minimum annual contribution for SACO funnel members.

Q. Will training be required/necessary for individual members?

A. No, not at the moment. There is no required SACO training, although SACO members (both individual and funnel members) are highly encouraged to take either or both of the two workshops Basic Subject Cataloging Using LCSH and Fundamentals of Library of Congress Classification. Both of these workshops are freely available on the Cataloger's Learning Workshop web page. Often, sessions of these workshops will be offered through local OCLC offices, or an institution may host a session and open it to area SACO members. In these cases, a PCC trainer may present the workshop. But the materials are available to anyone interested in the subject matter. Although the workshops are designed to be instructor-led, they also function well as self-instructed sessions.

Q. Do Slavic Funnel participants need to fill out the SACO Funnel Participant’s Information Form, or is it less formal than that?

A. It is not an absolute requirement to have a funnel member fill out the information form, but it is highly recommend that members do fill it out. As SACO membership policies change over time, it would be extremely useful to have a record of all members.

Q. Are there any costs involved for institutional Funnel participants?

A. Not really-- only the hidden costs related to the time and effort required to research submit proposals and input them, and the time invested in taking any SACO-related workshops, such as the two mentioned above.  


Last update: 11/13/2018