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    The royal purple
    Come fill your glasses up | The royal purple
    Williams College Mandolin Club, performing. Columbia A1546. Matrix/Take: 39322/1.
    • Contributor: Bartlett, B. T. - Bartlett, T. - Williams College Mandolin Club - Bartlett, J. C. - Sousa, John Philip
    • Date: 1914-04-10
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    Polka scherzo
    Polka scherzo
    Butin, Roy, performing. Page, W. Eugene, performing. Victor 16374. Matrix/Take: B-8248/2.
    • Contributor: Butin, Roy - Page, W. Eugene
    • Date: 1909-09-21
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    Circle of chimes Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Title from disc label. Marius Neset, tenor & soprano saxophones ; Lionel Loueke, guitar & vocals ; Andreas Brantelid, cello ; Ingrid Neset, flute, piccolo & alto flute ; Ivo Neame, piano ; Jim Hart, vibraphone, marimba & percussion ; Petter Eldh, double bass ; Anton Eger, drums & percussion. All music composed and arranged by Marius Neset. Recorded at The Village Studios, Copenhagen,...
    • Contributor: Brantelid, Andreas - Neset, Ingrid - Eldh, Petter - Neame, Ivo - Hart, Jim - Loueke, Lionel - Eger, Anton - Neset, Marius
    • Date: 2017
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    Miller, The
    • Contributor: Lomax, Ruby T. (Ruby Terrill) - Lomax, John A. (John Avery) - Wilson, Ruby
    • Date: 1939-05-01
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    Gallito el torero (Part 2 of 2)
    • Contributor: Noriega, Martin - Kennedy, Stetson - Cook, Robert Harrison
    • Date: 1939-08-26
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    Species decline.
    • Contributor: Flynn, John - Hufford, Mary - Christian, Dennis "denny"
    • Date: 1995-03-10
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    Los chauffeurs del Overland
    One-step | Los chauffeurs del Overland
    Victor Band, performing. Victor 69929. Matrix/Take: B-21421/2.
    • Contributor: Bourdon, Rosario - García De Arellano, Ricardo - Victor Band
    • Date: 1918-01-17
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    Schottische Thomas Mann, hammered dulcimer. Recorded by Sidney Robertson Cowell in Ortonville, Iowa in July, 1937. Forms part of a group of field materials documenting Thomas Mann performing a Anglo-American dance music on the dulcimer, collected for the Farm Security Administration in July, 1937, by Sidney Robertson Cowell in Ortonville, Iowa.
    • Contributor: Cowell, Sidney Robertson - Mann, Thomas
    • Date: 1937
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    Volkslied | Lorelei | Loreley
    Schumann-Heink, Ernestine, performing. Victor 6273. Matrix/Take: C-16503/1.
    • Contributor: Silcher, Friedrich - Rogers, Walter - Heine, Heinrich - Schumann-Heink, Ernestine
    • Date: 1915-09-15
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    I love her. Oh! Oh! Oh!
    I love her. Oh! Oh! Oh!
    Halley, William J., performing. Victor 17353. Matrix/Take: B-13302/1.
    • Contributor: Monaco, James V. - Halley, William J. - McCarthy, Joseph
    • Date: 1913-05-12
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    St. Elmo
    One-step | St. Elmo
    Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra, performing. Victor 35630. Matrix/Take: C-19411/1.
    • Contributor: Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra - Smith, Joseph C. - Briglia, Nicholas
    • Date: 1917-03-26
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    Fall in line
    Suffrage march | Fall in line
    Victor Military Band, performing. Victor 17658. Matrix/Take: B-15068/2.
    • Contributor: Hawn, Zena S. - Victor Military Band
    • Date: 1914-07-15
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    Death is an Awful Thing
    • Contributor: James, Willis - Middle Georgia Four (Musical Group)
    • Date: 1943-06
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    Interview H0028: with Jabo [Tib. sbyar po ba]; Real name Tashi Wangdü [Tib. bkra shis dbang 'dus], (India, 1993) Part 1: Jabo [Tib. sbyar po ba], whose real name was Tashi Wangdü [Tib. bkra shis dbang 'dus], was a shengo [Tib. zhal ngo] in the Trapchi Regiment of the Tibetan Army. In this interview, he discusses how his household in the traditional society was required to provide a soldier as a corvée tax because it held arable land from the Tibetan government called...
    • Contributor: Goldstein, Melvyn - Real Name Tashi Wangdü [Ti Bkra Shis Dbang 'dus] - Case Western Reserve University - Paljor Tsarong - Jabo [Ti Sbyar Po Ba]
    • Date: 1993
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    If there hadn't been an apple on the tree
    If there hadn't been an apple on the tree
    Shepard, Burt, performing. Victor 5107. Matrix/Take: B-3962/1.
    • Contributor: Mills, A. J. - Scott, Bennett - Shepard, Burt
    • Date: 1906-11-01
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    Off the record interview with David Geffen, [1986-1988?]-02-13
    • Contributor: Smith, Joe (1928-) - Geffen, David (1943-)
    • Date: 1986-02-13
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    The three bears Coupling date: 12/30/1919. Cutout date: 11/21/1927. On label: a bed-time story. With (reverse side): Three billy goats "gruff" / Edna Baily.
    • Contributor: Baily, Edna - Brooke, L. Leslie (Leonard Leslie)
    • Date: 1920
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    Mary Rawls interview conducted by Tanya Ducker Finchum and Juliana M. Nykolaiszyn, 2011-06-13. Mary Frazier Rawls, born in 1927, shared experiences of her life-long circus career. She began trouping with her parents at a young age and would go on to perform on the high wire for much of her career. Mary talked about learning to perform, the challenges and benefits of rearing children in the circus community, and about transitioning to concessions after retiring from the...
    • Contributor: Occupational Folklife Project - Finchum, Tanya - Rawls, Mary L. - Nykolaiszyn, Juliana
    • Date: 2011

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  • Audio Recording
    Oral history interview of Tempel Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available The Interviewee was born in Ganzi. He describes how at the age of eight, he became a monk and the duties he preformed. The subject describes how during the revolt, his monastery was captured and he was allowed to return home. After leaving the monastery, he went to Banakshöl School for some time. The subject discusses how his parents sent him to Ngachen to...
    • Contributor: Goldstein, Melvyn C. - Tibet Oral History and Archive Project
    • Date: 2001
  • Audio Recording
    Cowboy's Lament, The
    • Contributor: Briggs, E. A. - Lomax, Ruby T. (Ruby Terrill) - Lomax, John A. (John Avery)
    • Date: 1939-05-05
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    He'dewachi Dance Song
    • Contributor: La Flesche, Francis - Miller, George (Inke'tonga) (Big Shoulder) - Fletcher, Alice C. (Alice Cunningham) - Merrick, Joseph (Gion'zethinge) (None to Teach Him)
    • Date: 1895-09
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    Tiger rag
    One step | Tiger rag
    Original Dixieland Jazz Band, performing. Edwards, Eddie, performing. LaRocca, Nick, performing. Ragas, Henry, performing. Shields, Larry, performing. Sbarbaro, Tony, performing. Victor 18472. Matrix/Take: B-21701/3.
    • Contributor: Edwards, Eddie - Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Shields, Larry - Larocca, Nick - Ragas, Henry - Sbarbaro, Tony
    • Date: 1918-03-25
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    Prologo | I pagliacci | Pagliacci. Prologo; arranged
    Amato, Pasquale, performing. Victor Orchestra, performing. Lapitino, Francis J. , performing. Victor 88326. Matrix/Take: C-11210/3.
    • Contributor: Victor Orchestra - Amato, Pasquale - Rogers, Walter - Lapitino, Francis J. - Leoncavallo, Ruggiero
    • Date: 1911-11-09
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    I would be like Jesus
    I would be like Jesus
    Barnes, J. Foster, performing. Andrews, Mark, performing. Victor 19408. Matrix/Take: B-30440/4.
    • Contributor: Rowe, James - Barnes, J. Foster - Ackley, B. D. - Ackley, D. - Andrews, Mark
    • Date: 1924-07-03
  • Audio Recording
    [Békésy belt, no. 10] Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Speaking on the processes of learning.
    • Date: 1968