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    Gallito el torero (Part 2 of 2)
    • Contributor: Noriega, Martin - Kennedy, Stetson - Cook, Robert Harrison
    • Date: 1939-08-26
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    MO Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Nelly is back with his highly anticipated seventh full length album, which includes the singles Get Like Me and Hey Porsche. The album also features appearances from Trey Songz, Nelly Furtado, Kelly Rowland, and Florida Georgia Line.
    • Contributor: Florida Georgia Line (Musical Group) - Songz, Trey - T. I. - 2 Chainz - Fabolous - Daley - Nelly - Future - Furtado, Nelly - Williams, Pharrell - Khalifa, Wiz - Minaj, Nicki
    • Date: 2013
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    Carina gavotta
    Carina gavotta
    Vessella's Italian Band, performing. Victor 68535. Matrix/Take: C-12575/2.
    • Contributor: Vessella, Oreste - Vessella's Italian Band
    • Date: 1912-11-05
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    I've got you, Steve!
    I got you, Steve! | I've got you, Steve!
    Ed Morton, performing. Victor 17094. Matrix/Take: B-11753/2.
    • Contributor: Morton, Ed
    • Date: 1912-03-21
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    Jack Morrisey
    • Contributor: Lomax, Alan - Norman, John (Vocalist)
    • Date: 1938-09-18
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    Underbug : an obsessive tale of termites and technology
    Obsessive tale of termites and technology Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    "The award-winning journalist Lisa Margonelli, national bestselling author of Oil on the Brain: Petroleum's Long, Strange Trip to Your Tank, investigates the environmental and economic impact termites inflict on human societies in this fascinating examination of one of nature's most misunderstood insects. Are we more like termites than we ever imagined? In Underbug, the award-winning journalist Lisa Margonelli introduces us to the enigmatic creatures...
    • Contributor: Margonelli, Lisa - Moore, Christina
    • Date: 2018
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    Midnight whirl rag
    One-step | Midnight whirl rag
    Victor Military Band, performing. Victor 35431. Matrix/Take: C-15427/2.
    • Contributor: Halle, R. L. - King, Edward T. - Victor Military Band - Hein, Silvio
    • Date: 1914-12-29
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    Next Sunday at nine
    Dearie, won't you call me Dearie | Next Sunday at nine
    Helen Clark, performing. Walter Van Brunt, performing. Victor 17361. Matrix/Take: B-13075/4.
    • Contributor: Van Brunt, Walter - Clark, Helen - Lloyd, Evans
    • Date: 1913-05-09
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    Beautiful Ohio
    Beautiful Ohio
    Olive Kline, performing. Marguerite Dunlap, performing. Rosario Bourdon, performing. Victor 45161. Matrix/Take: B-22474/7.
    • Contributor: Bourdon, Rosario - Dunlap, Marguerite - Earl, Mary - King, Robert - Macdonald, Ballard - Kline, Olive - Pasternack, Josef
    • Date: 1919-01-08
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    Interview with Quincy Higgins, Sparta, North Carolina, part 1
    • Contributor: Mullen, Patrick - Higgins, Quincy - Johnson, Geraldine Niva
    • Date: 1978-09-09
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    Bologny sausage
    Sing too-ral-li-ur-al, sing too-ral-li-ay | There vas vun big Dutchman in New York did live
    Dust jacket notes: "Sung to the tune of 'My horses ain't hungry.'" John McCready, unaccompanied vocals. Recorded by Sidney Robertson Cowell in Groveland, California on July 31, 1939. Forms part of a group of field materials documenting John McCready performing Anglo-American songs on July 31, August 2, and August 5, 1939, collected by Sidney Robertson Cowell in Groveland, Tuolumne County, California.
    • Contributor: Cowell, Sidney Robertson - McCready, John A.
    • Date: 1939
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    Av horachmin hoo lyrachaim
    Have mercy, oh Father | Av horachmin hoo lyrachaim
    Mordechai Hershman, performing. Nathaniel Shilkret, performing. Victor 68569. Matrix/Take: C-24882/2.
    • Contributor: Shilkret, Nathaniel - Hershman, Mordechai
    • Date: 1921-03-14
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    Ernestine Schumann-Heink, performing. Victor 87172. Matrix/Take: B-13823/1.
    • Contributor: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - Schumann-Heink, Ernestine - Chadwick, G. W.
    • Date: 1913-09-18
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    Dance of the hours
    La gioconda | Dance of the hours | Danza de las horas | Gioconda. Danza delle ore; arranged
    Victor Orchestra, performing. Victor 35087. Matrix/Take: C-6736/4.
    • Contributor: Wiegand, George - Ponchielli, Amilcare - Victor Orchestra - Rogers, Walter
    • Date: 1909-01-26
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    First arabesque
    Deux arabesques | First arabesque | Arabesques, piano. No. 1; arranged
    Ada Sassoli, performing. Victor 45243. Matrix/Take: B-11738/5.
    • Contributor: Debussy, Claude - Sassoli, Ada
    • Date: 1920-12-14
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    If every star was a little pickaninny
    If every star was a little pickaninny
    Elida Morris, performing. Victor 17061. Matrix/Take: B-11479/1.
    • Contributor: Morris, Elida - Edwards, Leo - McCarthy, Joseph
    • Date: 1912-01-23
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    The band festival at Plum Center From Edison records catalog: This is one of the cleverest skits of its kind ever produced. It is cleverly written and even more cleverly presented. Miss Jones and Messrs. Harlan and Porter are thoroughly experienced at this sort of work and every intonation of their voices gives just the right touch to the situation. Notice how the band plays the famous "Misere" from Verdi's...
    • Contributor: Harlan, Byron G. - Porter, Steve - Doty, Charles W. - Jones, Ada
    • Date: 1918
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    Roger Hecht reading his poems with comment in the Recording Laboratory, Apr. 3, 1967 Mr. Hecht reads ten poems from his collection entitled 27 poems and two uncollected poems.
    • Contributor: Hecht, Roger - Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1967
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    Ring out, wild bells
    Christmas song | Ring out, wild bells
    Percy Hemus, performing. Victor Orchestra, performing. Victor 35335. Matrix/Take: C-13846/2.
    • Contributor: Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson - Hemus, Percy - Victor Orchestra - Gounod, Charles
    • Date: 1913-09-23
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    Interviews with and performances by the gospel singing Schuyler family, Lowgap, North Carolina, part 7
    • Contributor: Thompson, A.P. (Fonzie) - Wolfe, Charles K. - Schuyler, Trent - Schuyler, Caldwell - Draughan, Ted - Draughan, Ted, Mrs - Schuyler, Avis
    • Date: 1978-09-07
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    Serenade | Lolita
    Titta Ruffo, performing. Victor 1019. Matrix/Take: B-29034/2.
    • Contributor: Ruffo, Titta - Bourdon, Rosario - Buzzi-Peccia, Arturo
    • Date: 1923-11-27
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    There is a fountain fill'd with blood
    Gospel hymn | There is a fountain fill'd with blood
    Charles Hart, performing. Lambert Murphy, performing. Lucy Isabelle Marsh, performing. Elizabeth Spencer, performing. Elizabeth Wheeler, performing. William F. Hooley, performing. Trinity Choir, performing. Corinne Morgan, performing. Pearl Benham, performing. Elise Stevenson, performing. Frank C. Stanley, performing. Harry Macdonough, performing. Wilfred Glenn, performing. Elsie Baker, performing. Victor 16412. Matrix/Take: B-3357/6.
    • Contributor: Mason, Lowell - Cowper, William - Baker, Elsie - Wheeler, Elizabeth - Stevenson, Elise - Macdonough, Harry - Hooley, William F. - Spencer, Elizabeth - Trinity Choir - Morgan, Corinne ... Mason, Lowell - Cowper, William - Baker, Elsie - Wheeler, Elizabeth - Stevenson, Elise - Macdonough, Harry - Hooley, William F. - Spencer, Elizabeth - Trinity Choir - Morgan, Corinne - Benham, Pearl - Murphy, Lambert - Stanley, Frank C. - Glenn, Wilfred - Hart, Charles - Pasternack, Josef - Marsh, Lucy Isabelle
    • Date: 1909-02-23
  • Audio Recording
    "It was up to me to make it or break it."
    • Contributor: Granata, Giovanni "john" - Carroll, Thomas D.
    • Date: 1994-08-05
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    I've got a white man a-workin' for me
    I've got a white man workin' for me | I've got a white man a-workin' for me
    Arthur Collins, performing. Victor 650. Matrix/Take: [Pre-matrix B-]650/M-10.
    • Contributor: Collins, Arthur - Sterling, Andrew B. - Sterling, Andrew
    • Date: 1903-03-04
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    "Men with professions were only too glad to clean the yard to make a dollar."
    • Contributor: Pizza, Joseph - Carroll, Thomas D.
    • Date: 1994-08-08