Library of Congress Magazine (LCM) is published bimonthly to tell the Library's stories, to showcase its many talented staff, and to share and promote the use of the resources of the world's largest library.

Current Issue

July-August 2024 issue cover

Vol. 13 No. 3: July-August 2024

Saving the Sounds of History
Library specialists at the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center work to preserve the audio heritage of America. Also: A rare device points the faithful to Islam’s holiest site for their daily prayers, and a small set of letters reveals Albert Einstein’s brief affair with Margarita Konenkova.

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Issues from 2024

May-June 2024 issue cover

Vol. 13 No. 3: May-June 2024

Treasures of the Library of Congress
A new exhibition, “Collecting Memories: Treasures from the Library of Congress,” highlights great collection items. Also: the Library celebrates the legacy of Elton John and Bernie Taupin, and Library conservators lend a helping hand to communities recovering from natural disasters.

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March-April 2024 issue cover

Vol. 13 No. 2: March-April 2024

Dazzling Design
The Florence Klotz Collection in the Music Division illustrates decades of brilliant costume design for the stage. Also, the original music manuscript for “Feeling Good”; how the Leonard Bernstein Collection helped inform a recent major biopic; and the secret code Thomas Jefferson devised for the Lewis and Clark expedition.

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January-February 2024 issue cover

Vol. 13 No. 1: January-February 2024

A Century of Fashion
Library collections illustrate the evolution of style. Also, a massive family tree traces a Black family’s history across centuries, and Margaret Armstrong used gleaming gold leaf and brilliantly rendered flowers to help usher in a golden age of book cover design.

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Issues from 2023

November-December 2023 issue cover

Vol. 12 No. 6: November-December 2023

Taking Flight
The Wright brothers papers at the Library tell the story of how they changed history. Also, the Library preserves off-the-cuff recordings made by Ernest Hemingway, and the By the People crowdsourcing program helps make resources more accessible.

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September-October 2023 issue cover

Vol. 12 No. 5: September-October 2023

Back to School
Library resources and programs help empower teachers in classrooms across the country. Also, two expats publish exquisite books and live wild bohemian lives in Paris, and the U.S. poet laureate writes a poem that will travel across the solar system.

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July-August 2023 issue cover

Vol. 12 No. 4: July-August 2023

A Library for You
Beginning next spring, an initiative at the Library will deliver a new experience to the public. Also, dance collections chronicle the history of an art form and an inscription in a book documents a meeting between two of U.S. history’s most important women.

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May-June 2023 issue cover

Vol. 12 No. 3: May-June 2023

LGBTQ+ at the Library
Collections chronicle a story of pain, joy and perseverance. Also, a new collection sheds light on the life and work of a nurse who cared for the Lincoln family and attendance sheets record the Hollywood stars who took classes at the Actors Studio.

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March-April 2023 issue cover

Vol. 12 No. 2: March-April 2023

Fabulous Flutes
How a scientist built the greatest collection ever assembled on a single musical subject. Also, an extraordinary copy of James Joyce’s groundbreaking novel, “Ulysses”; an extremely rare manuscript sheds light on Indigenous life under Spanish rule; and favorite Oscars-related items from the Library’s collections.

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January-February 2023 issue cover

Vol. 12 No. 1: January-February 2023

Art for the Masses
The posters found the Library’s collections represent a very public art form that, over the past century, inspired and persuaded the masses. Also, Black South Carolinians sought equal rights in this 54-foot-long petition just after the Civil War and a film scholar at the Library discovers the identity of the first copyrighted film.

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Issues from 2022

November-December 2022 issue cover

Vol. 11 No. 6: November-December 2022

Our Treasured Home
The Library celebrates the 125th anniversary of its magnificent Jefferson Building. Also, how “It’s a Wonderful Life” became a Christmas classic, the Giant Bible of Mainz goes online and a 159-year-old piece of cake reminds of a glamorous wedding long ago in New York City.

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September-October 2022 issue cover

Vol. 11 No. 5: September-October 2022

Secrets Revealed
Preservation scientists uncover hidden stories in the Library’s collections, from an image of Christ in a centuries-old prayer book to a thumbprint on Lincoln’s handwritten Gettysburg Address draft. Also, conservators bring tiny, 19th-century playthings back to life and the Library acquires playwright Neil Simon’s papers.

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July-August 2022 issue cover

Vol. 11 No. 4: July-August 2022

Library of the Unexpected
Our collections hold a wealth of delightfully offbeat items, from Walt Whitman’s walking stick to Leonard Bernstein’s license plate and Sigmund Freud’s friend’s (inert) cocaine. Also, newly acquired material sheds light on the pioneering photographer who took the first selfie and images taken by Alfred Cheney Johnston helped capture the Jazz Age.

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May-June 2022 issue cover

Vol. 11 No. 3: May-June 2022

Letters That Shaped Our World
Letters from the Library’s collections helped shape the world as we know it, stretching back more than a thousand years. Also, a film by Lin-Manuel Miranda draws on the Music Division’s Jonathan Larson papers and surrealist Joan Miró takes experimentation to new lengths in a piece acquired by the Library.

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Mar.-Apr. 2022 issue cover

Vol. 11 No. 2: Mar.-Apr. 2022

‘Not an Ostrich’
There’s more than meets the eye in the Library’s new photography exhibition, which opens March 23. Also, Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Quran travels to Dubai for a World Expo, and Library collections of material related to cherry blossoms bring a breath of spring.

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Jan-Feb. 2022 issue cover

Vol. 11 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2022

All This Jazz
Library collections chronicle the history of this great American art form and the lives of the great performers who created the music. Also, a Kipling novel saves a soldier from a bullet in World War I and Red Grange gives credibility to the fledgling National Football League.

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Issues from 2021

Nov-Dec. 2021 issue cover

Vol. 10 No. 6: Nov.-Dec. 2021

Gifts that Keep Giving
Over the decades, donations from civic-minded citizens have helped build the extraordinary holdings of the Library of Congress. Also, a new collection chronicles the creation of G.I. Joe and an 18th-century volume provides the earliest slave narrative in the United States.

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Sep-Oct. 2021 issue cover

Vol. 10 No. 5: Sep.-Oct. 2021

Collecting the Globe
A network of Library offices stationed overseas acquires and catalogs hard-to-find material from around the globe. Also, a 529-year-old Jewish book lands a starring role in a White House ceremony, and the Library collects audio diaries of health-care workers during the pandemic.

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July-Aug. 2021 issue cover

Vol. 10 No. 4: July-Aug. 2021

Road Trip!
A journey through a quintessentially American phenomenon, the family vacation by car. Also, how the Olmsted family created an amazing array of public outdoor spaces, photographer Carol Highsmith takes a full-length portrait of America, and our picks of the national parks.

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May-June 2021 issue cover

Vol. 10 No. 3: May-June 2021

Mapping Our Place in the World
Throughout history, cartography has revealed the way humans perceive themselves; the collections of the Geography and Map Division illustrate how those perceptions have changed over the centuries. Also, using GIS to map the COVID-19 pandemic, history’s first atlas, and hyperspectral imaging reveals hidden stories of historical maps.

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Mar.-Apr. 2021 issue cover

Vol. 10 No. 2: Mar.-Apr. 2021

Presidential Papers
The Library of Congress recently completed a decades-long project to digitize its collection of the papers of 23 presidents and place them online. Also, romance and tragedy in Theodore Roosevelt’s diaries, a rare set of an African American romance comics and the first graphic novel.

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Jan.-Feb. 2021 issue cover

Vol. 10 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2021

The Art of the Book
Books can be more than just words on a printed page; they can be works of art in their own right. This issue of LCM explores beautiful, innovative volumes found in the Library’s collections. Also, a newly acquired library offers stunning examples of book design and illustration, and a king-size scroll chronicles Commodore Perry’s voyage to Japan.

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Issues from 2020

Nov.-Dec. 2020 issue cover

Vol. 9 No. 5: Nov.-Dec. 2020

Exceptional photographs communicate with viewers in a universal language to inspire, provoke, educate. In this issue of LCM, Library of Congress curators and reference librarians choose great photographs from Library collections that have inspired them, images from the dawn of the photography to the present day.

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Sept.-Oct. 2020 issue cover

Vol. 9 No. 4: Sept.-Oct. 2020

The Library of Congress this summer marks a major milestone: the 150th anniversary of copyright at the Library. Also, copyrighting the Statue of Liberty; why copyright protects the great American novel but not a selfie taken by a monkey; and Broadway composer Stephen Schwartz discusses the importance of copyright to creators.

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July-Aug. 2020 issue cover

Vol. 9 No. 3: July-Aug. 2020

The Library commemorates the 75th anniversary of World War II and the service of the men and women who fought it. Also, a one-of-a-kind Japanese map details the damage inflicted at Pearl Harbor, and Manuscript Division collections preserve photos taken in the field by Gen. George S. Patton.

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Mar.-Apr. 2020 issue cover

Vol. 9 No. 2: Mar.-Apr. 2020

Researchers use the Library’s vast collections to further their work and pursue their passions. Also, a Library project will give visitors a new view of the institution and its historic Jefferson Building, and an NLS program helps blind and visually impaired musicians pursue their careers.

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Jan.-Feb. 2020 issue cover

Vol. 9 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2020

In her writings, civil rights icon Rosa Parks reveals the fierce spirit beneath her soft-spoken public persona. Also, Library collections preserve drawings created by child survivors of Nazi concentration camps, and the papers of nearly three dozen justices reveal the inner dynamics of the Supreme Court.

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Issues from 2019

Nov.-Dec. 2019 issue cover

Vol. 8 No. 6: Nov.-Dec. 2019

The Library's collections reflect documents from an important group of innovators who developed inventions that changed the course of civilization. Also, the first Christmas card and the restoration of a rare Buddhist scroll.

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Sept.-Oct. 2019 issue cover

Vol. 8 No. 5: Sept.-Oct. 2019

Crime & murder take the spotlight in this issue, featuring the Library’s more chilling collections, from Capote’s notebooks for “In Cold Blood” to the original draft of Jackson’s “Hill House” to courtroom illustrations of serial killers.

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July-Aug. 2019 issue cover

Vol. 8 No. 4: July-Aug. 2019

The Library kicks off the run-up year to the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the U.S. with a powerful new exhibition displaying the history of the struggle through photos, documents and the papers of the movement’s greatest figures.

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May-June 2019 issue cover

Vol. 8 No. 3: May-June 2019

The advent of digital technology changed them forever, but today’s libraries use those tech tools to find new ways to reach patrons on a more human level. Also: Walt Whitman at 200, next-generation librarians and how crushed bugs are used in preservation.

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Mar.-Apr. 2019 issue cover

Vol. 8 No. 2: Mar.-Apr. 2019

In this issue celebrating our Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, we look at the creative process of songwriting. Plus: Native American voices restored, the story of a slave memoir written in Arabic, and more.

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Jan.-Feb. 2019 issue cover

Vol. 8 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2019

With a new look for 2019, this issue features the robust film collections of the Library of Congress and our efforts at preserving historical and contemporary cinema of all kinds for generations to come.

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Issues from 2018

Sept.-Oct. 2018 issue cover

Vol. 7 No. 5: Sept.-Oct. 2018

The Library of Congress can be a library for kids. This back-to-school issue highlights resources for children and their teachers, kids' questions to librarians, great figures of history (as kids) and more.

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July-Aug. 2018 issue cover

Vol. 7 No. 4: July-Aug. 2018

From sandlot to the major leagues, baseball remains a source of community in small towns and big cities alike. We devote our entire issue to the national pastime and our exhibition "Baseball Americana."

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May-June 2018 issue cover

Vol. 7 No. 3: May-June 2018

An issue devoted to "brilliant Broadway" features stage design, music, lyrics, and more, from Rodgers and Hammerstein to Leonard Bernstein to Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jonathan Larson, Jason Robert Brown and more.

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Mar.-Apr. 2018 issue cover

Vol. 7 No. 2: Mar.-Apr. 2018

We profile several "hidden figures" in women's history who broke ground and led extraordinary lives. Also: science reveals new information from old manuscripts, Mark Twain's white suit, circus clowns and more.

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Jan.-Feb. 2018 issue cover

Vol. 7 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2018

We partner with a new museum to bring a newly-found treasure of African-American history to light. Plus, finding your roots, celebrating Frederick Douglass' birthday and hearing the voices of slavery.

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Issues from 2017

Nov.-Dec. 2017 issue cover

Vol. 6 No. 6: Nov.-Dec. 2017

We honor our veterans and celebrate their achievements on the home front, with selections from our Veterans History Project. Also, coming home in film and song, plus the papers of Alexander Hamilton online.

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Sep.-Oct. 2017 issue cover

Vol. 6 No. 5: Sep.-Oct. 2017

Hey everyone: comics! We find interesting stories from our exhaustive collection of American comic books and comic art, plus feature webcomics and web culture, 1970s Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and more.

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July-Aug. 2017 issue cover

Vol. 6 No. 4: July-Aug. 2017

For the summer reading season, we offer an issue filled with short stories, from classics from Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain to Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" — and a brand new story from Salman Rushdie.

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May-June 2017 issue cover

Vol. 6 No. 3: May-June 2017

The visionaries of design represented in the Library's collections reveal where creativity and the day-to-day intersect. Plus, stories on monumental architecture, container design, courtroom illustration and more.

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Mar.-Apr. 2017 issue cover

Vol. 6 No. 2: Mar.-Apr. 2017

Special World War I Centennial issue, commemorating the U.S. entry into the Great War. Profiles on personalities, an overview of the American involvement in the conflict, art and technology of the war, and more.

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Jan.-Feb. 2017 issue cover

Vol. 6 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2017

All things presidential, from campaigns and women on the ballot to the electoral college and inaugurations. Also, Hamilton and the Federalist Papers, Washington’s first inaugural address and surrogate first ladies.

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Issues from 2016

Nov.-Dec 2016. issue cover

Vol. 5 No. 6: Nov.-Dec. 2016

From daguerreotypes to digital, the Library's photo collections illustrate history and inspire new works. Also, photos in social media, opera before Instagram, documentary photography and women photographers.

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Sept.-Oct. 2016 issue cover

Vol. 5 No. 5: Sept.-Oct. 2016

Advances in technology and the way we use maps continue to transform the ancient art and science of cartography. Also: imaginary maps and we welcome our new Librarian of Congress, Carla Hayden.

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July-Aug. 2016 issue cover

Vol. 5 No. 4: July-Aug. 2016

The Library is working to identify important American radio broadcasts for preservation. Also, we look back at Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” broadcast,the 1936 Olympics and more.

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May-June 2016 issue cover

Vol. 5 No. 3: May-June 2016

We look at the evolving role of public libraries in America and how the Library's collection has been enhanced through private libraries. Plus, Alice in Wonderland, James Madison, Mother's Day and more.

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Mar.-Apr. 2016 issue cover

Vol. 5 No. 2: Mar.-Apr. 2016

The Library has been a leader in the field of folklife for generations, and the ways of capturing & accessing it have seen much change through the years. Also, we uncover the only known audio recording made by the inventor of basketball.

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Jan.-Feb. 2016 issue cover

Vol. 5 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2016

Not only does the Library acquire and maintain the world's premiere collection of knowledge, it must make it searchable, findable and usable. Also, shared cataloging, law of indigenous peoples, African American History and more.

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Issues from 2015

Nov.-Dec. 2015 issue cover

Vol. 4 No. 6: Nov.-Dec. 2015

The Library offers a veritable feast of food-related collections, from cookbooks to food-related sheet music, posters and photos. Also, 13 Librarians of Congress, the end of WWII, recipes for pancakes and chocolate-chip cookies and more.

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Sept.-Oct. 2015 issue cover

Vol. 4 No. 5: Sept.-Oct. 2015

The Library promotes reading and literacy nationally and internationally through a variety of programs and events. Also, baseball collections, a WWII sailor’s map journal, 15 years of the John W. Kluge Center and more.

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July-Aug. 2015 issue cover

Vol. 4 No. 4: July-Aug. 2015

The Library seeks, finds and collects the creative output of the entire world in every format imaginable. Also, the path a book takes when it comes to the Library, remarkable gifts, the Civil War in 3-D and more.

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May-June 2015 issue cover

Vol. 4 No. 3: May-June 2015

The many facets of comedy in the Library’s collections range from stage, screen & television to newspapers & comic books. Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis, George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, the 3 Stooges and more.

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Mar.-Apr. 2015 issue cover

Vol. 4 No. 2: Mar.-Apr. 2015

The Library has been a repository and patron of poetry throughout its history and is the home of the Poet Laureate. Also: Rosa Parks and the struggle for racial justice, Walt Whitman, Billie Holliday and more.

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Jan.-Feb. 2015 issue cover

Vol. 4 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2015

The Library has some of the most advance material preservation labs and some of the most skilled preservation scientists in the world. Also, folklorist Alan Lomax, Mickey Hart, Downton Abbey and more.

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Issues from 2014

Nov.-Dec. 2014 issue cover

Vol. 3 No. 6: Nov.-Dec. 2014

The great charter of 1215, Magna Carta, comes to the Library for a limited engagement & brings with it an incredible history. Also, Look Magazine offers a view into the world of 1950s America, and more.

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Sept.-Oct. 2014 issue cover

Vol. 3 No. 5: Sept.-Oct. 2014

The archetypical American ballet, "Appalachian Spring," was commissioned by and premiered at the Library of Congress. Also, a history of the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement and a look at Mark Twain's work on copyright.

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July-Aug. 2014 issue cover

Vol. 3 No. 4: July-Aug. 2014

The Library's six overseas offices help grow and maintain a diverse international collection. Also, the World Digital Library shares world treasures in six languages and the Law Library contains laws of nations that no longer exist.

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May-June 2014 issue cover

Vol. 3 No. 3: May-June 2014

For 100 years the staff of the Library's Congressional Research Service has served Congress with important research and information for its lawmaking work. Also, Roy Wilkins and the Civil Rights movement, a centennial of ASCAP and more.

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Mar.-Apr. 2014 issue cover

Vol. 3 No. 2: Mar.-Apr. 2014

More than 400 years of great American pastimes — from baseball to volleyball, badminton to hunting, football to roller derby — can be found in the nation’s library. Also, preserving pulp fiction, Mexican treasures and historical computing.

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Jan.-Feb. 2014 issue cover

Vol. 3 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2014

The Library preserves first-hand accounts from several key points in history, from the Civil War to the Civil Rights era to today. Also, oddities in the collections, an app for the annotated Constitution and the Library in works of fiction.

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Issues from 2013

Sept.-Oct. 2013 issue cover

Vol. 2 No. 5: Sept.-Oct. 2013

It's back to school season! We feature resources and features designed to help teachers use the Library's unmatched primary resources to help in their classroom work. Also, 200 years of Wagner and Verdi and social media milestones.

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July-August 2013 issue cover

Vol. 2 No. 4: July-August 2013

We set the clock back 50 years and examine 1963, a seminal year in American history, with events in the civil rights movement, shifts in popular culture and the assassination of a president. Also: federal buying power and a book by another Obama.

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May-June 2013 issue cover

Vol. 2 No. 3: May-June 2013

The "Gibson Girl" set the archetype for young women at the start of the last century and was the epitome of illustration style for two decades. Also, the struggles for women's suffrage, celebrating Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine and the high-tech cloning of a Stradivari violin.

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March-April 2013 issue cover

Vol. 2 No. 2: March-April 2013

The mission of the Library is to support the Congress in fulfilling its constitutional duties, and here’s exactly how we do it. Also, a profile of Mary Pickford, Hollywood’s first female mogul, rock and roll interviews, March madness, and a word from the Poet Laureate.

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January-February 2013 issue cover

Vol. 2 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2013

A presidential inauguration comes just once every four years, but each has had its special character. This issue focuses on presidents and the national celebrations where they are sworn in. Also: sharing Rachmaninoff’s music, preserving our film heritage and how to register for copyright.

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Issues from 2012

November-December 2012 issue cover

Vol. 1 No. 2: Nov.-Dec. 2012

A new exhibition highlighting the personal aspects of the Civil War in America is the focus of the cover story of this issue, which also includes a celebration of books that shaped America, the facts behind the Maya calendar and 2012, and the first recipe for pumpkin pie.

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September-October 2012 issue cover

Vol. 1 No. 1: Sept.-Oct. 2012

The War of 1812 resulted in the burning of the U.S. Capitol and its contents. The Library of Congress arose from those ashes to become the largest library in the history of the world. Our premiere issue discusses our history and the services we offer to Congress and to researchers today.

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Library of Congress Information Bulletin

The first issue of the Library of Congress Staff Information Bulletin was published on Jan. 23, 1942—nearly two months after the attack on Pearl Harbor that led to America’s entry into World War II. The publication provided the staff with wartime information such as air-raid watches, In July 1943, the publication was renamed the Library of Congress Information Bulletin and its audience was broadened to include the public as well as the staff. Through improvements in technology, the Information Bulletin evolved from a mimeographed sheet to a four-color printed publication produced using digital technology. Issues dating from 1993-2011 are accessible online. Its successor publication, Library of Congress Magazine, debuted in 2012.

Go to Library of Congress Information Bulletin (1993-2011)

Issues of the Library of Congress Information Bulletin from 1972 to 1992 are available via the Hathi Trust Digital Library (external link).