U.S. Capitol

The Government and Finance Division focuses on the organization, structure, operations and management of Congress and its support agencies, as well as the appropriations and legislative process and the congressional budget. Among the financial issues covered by the division are banking, financial institutions, insurance, mortgages and securities, taxation, public finance, fiscal and monetary policy, and the public debt. Other research addresses the interaction between taxes and interest rates and macroeconomic policy. Additionally, the division responds to requests on the organization, management and funding of the federal executive and judicial branches, judicial and executive branch nominations, government personnel and the civil service, the presidency and vice presidency, and government information policy and privacy issues. The division is responsible for policy work in the areas of intergovernmental relations and forms of federal aid; federalism, statehood and U.S. territories; economic development, federal planning for and response to emergencies, disasters and acts of terrorism in the United States; the census; reapportionment and redistricting; elections; and campaign finance, lobbying and political parties. Lastly, the division plays a leading role in addressing congressional needs in the area of cybersecurity.

Last Updated: 11/28/2018