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The Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade Division is organized into eight regional and functional sections that follow critical worldwide security, political and economic developments for Congress. These include U.S. relations with individual countries, regional trends and transnational issues such as terrorism, refugees and other humanitarian crises; global health; nonproliferation; and global institutions such as the United Nations. The division also addresses U.S. foreign aid programs and strategies, resource allocations, State Department budget and functions, international debt, public diplomacy and legislation on foreign relations. Research responsibilities include national security policy; military strategy; conflict dynamics; intelligence; U.S. and foreign weapons systems; military operations; defense acquisition; compensation, health, and social issues in the military; the defense budget; cybersecurity in defense and intelligence; the impact of advanced technologies on global security; and U.S. domestic and overseas military bases. The division examines key international economic developments and the roles and responsibilities of international financial institutions in addition to trade-related legislation, policies, programs and U.S. trade performance and investment flows. Attention is also given to trade negotiations and agreements, export promotion, import regulations and tariffs.