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March 12, 2021

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



This proposal may be resubmitted along with the subject proposal for Semendo (Indonesian people). See below under Semendo (Indonesian people) for more information.


The first subject heading assigned to the work is Urak Lawoiʾ language. Instead of proposing a cutter for the Adang Archipelago dialect of Malay, the cataloger should have proposed a number for Urak Lawoiʾ in PL5191+. The proposal may be resubmitted.


The work is cataloged as being juvenile nonfiction about grief. The proposed number would be used for works about the portrayal of grief in children’s belles lettres. The work should be classed in BF575.G7. The proposal was not necessary.


This proposal may be resubmitted along with a proposal for Mud flats. See below under Mud flat ecology for more information.



Algae—Ecology; Birds—Ecology; Fungi—Ecology

These proposals were made to add UF and BT references to existing headings. Algae—Ecology, Birds—Ecology, and Fungi—Ecology are free-floating heading strings, and were established only because they were needed as BTs on other headings. SHM H 370 sec. 1.e(2)b and H 373 sec. 12 say that BTs and UFs, respectively, are not to be made when a free-floating combination has been established for hierarchical purposes. The proposals were not approved.

Children of women slaves

The intent of the proposal seems to be to make a heading to represent the children of white owners (and also white overseers) who were born to slave women. On its face, the heading means all children born to women slaves, regardless of the identities of their fathers.  The UF Children of the plantation seems to be more specific, but the only citation supporting it is from Wikipedia. The heading should be made specific to the topic it is intended to represent, and it should be supported by authoritative sources.

The meeting requests that cataloger do more research in authoritative sources to find the most common way to refer to children of white owners/overseers and women who are slaves. If a recognized term or phrase can be found, the meeting will consider it. If a term cannot be found, the concept may need to be represented by assigning an array of subject headings.

In addition, the UF Children of enslaved women is not appropriate because it represents a variant that should be on the heading Women slaves.

 The proposal may be resubmitted.

Constellations; Stars

These proposals sought to link the two headings as RTs. When the headings have a broader term in common at any level of the hierarchy, the headings may not be related terms (H 370 sec. 2, 2nd bullet). These headings have a broader term in common. The proposals were not approved.

Disciples in art

 Disciples is a subdivision that may be assigned under names of persons. For headings such as the [topic] in art headings, it is preferable to use an authorized heading for the topic, however, in this case, introduction of the term Disciples would cause confusion. The accompanying proposal for Figure sculpture, Korean (approved on this list) seems entirely sufficient for describing the photograph that is the work cat. The proposal for Disciples in art was not approved.

Semiconductor nanocrystal doping

This proposal is too specific to be added to LCSH. Semiconductor doping may be post-coordinated with Doped semiconductor nanocrystals (approved on this list), which would be sufficient. The proposal was not approved.

Dragonera Island Natural Park (Spain)

SHM H 1925 sec. 1 clearly states that headings for parks should be established in the vernacular of the country. This park should be established in Spanish, with UFs from the English (and Catalan) forms. The cataloger did not provide a Spanish or Catalan form.

In addition, a proposal was submitted for Dragonera Island, which should be considered at the same time as the proposal for the park. The island and the park are co-extensive, so the cataloger should re-evaluate both proposals in light of H 807 sec. 1.d.

The proposal for the island may be resubmitted along with the proposal for the park.

Humayun, Emperor of Hindustan, 1508-1556—Tomb

The subdivision –Tomb free-floats under names of persons. The proposal was not necessary.

This heading was proposed as a backdoor heading for the Nila Gumbad (see comments below).

Humorists, Finnish; Satirists, Finnish

These proposals were originally on List 1909, and the cataloger did not make changes that were requested at that time. The Summary said, “No English was provided in either proposal. (Please review H 202 sec. 1.a.(6).)  In addition, the meeting questioned whether both headings are actually needed. Humorists is the BT for Satirists.” The proposals may be resubmitted again.

International Date Line—Religious aspects; International Date Line—Religious aspects—Judaism; International travel—Religious aspects; International travel—Religious aspects—Judaism

These four proposals are all based on the same work, and only the title was cited. The title alone is insufficient to understand how the proposals relate to the work being cataloged. The cataloger should supply more information from the work. The proposals may be resubmitted.

Khams Tibetan language

A cataloger’s note in the proposal stated that the proposal was made “to align with subject heading(s), i.e., Kham language,” but the proposal did not contain any new citations to reference sources that support the change from Khams Tibetan language to Kham Tibetan language. In fact, several authoritative sources state that the name of this language is Khams Tibetan, not Kham Tibetan. The Kham language of Nepal and the Kham language of South Africa are different languages and the wording of the headings for them have no bearing on the form of heading for Khams Tibetan. The proposal was not approved.

Maanyan (Indonesian people)

The Maanyan and Dyak Siang Murung appear to be two different ethnic groups, not a single group with variant names. None of the new citations about the Maanyan in the proposal refer to the Dyak Siang Murung, and vice versa. The only overlap occurs in the existing citation for Ethnologue, which is probably from the 1980s. Ethnologue has since been updated to say that Maanyan and Siang Murung are different languages.

The existing heading for Maanyan (Bornean people) may be resubmitted to add UFs that are pertinent to that group. The proposal on this list also sought to change the qualifier on the heading, but the heading should not be revised. The Maanyan are from the Indonesian portion of Borneo, so the qualifier as it is today is accurate. Changing the heading would cause unnecessary disruption in library catalogs. A separate proposal for the Dyak Siang Murung should also be submitted.

Mud flat ecology

Almost all of the UFs being proposed should be included on the base heading Mud flats, however, there is no existing base heading. A proposal for the base heading Mud flats should be submitted, and this proposal for revision of Mud flat ecology may be resubmitted.

Nara-Narayana (Hindu mythology)

Nara-Narayana is a “deity pair” that most frequently appears together. Nara is the human soul, while Narayana is Nara’s divine companion. SHM H 1610 for fictitious characters says to establish individual characters who always appear together (including married couples) as separate characters in the name authority file. The exception is characters who have a collective name, such as the Teletubbies and Hardy Boys.

Nara-Narayana is an unusual situation because the pair is occasionally depicted separately. Descriptive specialists have determined that the two deities should be represented by individual records. Additionally, a record should be created for the joint persona, which was determined to be best represented by a joint-pseudonym-type record. This situation is unusually complicated, so, as an exception, descriptive specialists at the Library of Congress will create the records in the name authority file.

The proposal for the subject heading was not approved.

Nila Gumbad (Delhi, India)

The BTs indicate that Nila Gumbad is the tomb of a single person, Humayun. However, the authoritative sources cited say that Miyan Fahim is buried there, and that Nila Gumbad stands beside Humayun’s tomb, which it predates. The only dissenting source that is cited is Wikipedia, which says that no one knows who is buried in the Nila Gumbad.  The meeting preferred to follow the information found in authoritative sources. The cataloger should assign the name heading for Miyan Fahim, subdivided by –Tomb. The proposal was not approved.

Nothingness (Philosophy) in art

Nothingness (Philosophy) is a UF reference on the existing heading Nothing (Philosophy); therefore, the existing heading Nothing (Philosophy) in art should be assigned to the work being cataloged. The proposal was not approved.

Palais épiscopal (Castres, Tarn, France)

The cataloger did not provide any English in the citation as required in H 202 sec. 1.a.(6). The proposal may be resubmitted.

Progressivism (French politics)

LCSH contains the headings Progressivism (Canadian politics) and Progressivism (United States politics), the latter of which was used as a pattern for this proposal. The existing headings are unusual because the location of a concept is generally expressed through the use of a geographic subdivision, and not by a parenthetical qualifier. It seems that the headings may have been established in that form in the belief that Canadian progressivism is inherently different from progressivism in the United States, but the headings are old and lack citations to support that supposition.

The meeting questions whether LCSH should continue to treat progressivism as having different meanings in the United States and Canada, and now in France, or whether there should be a single heading Progressivism, which may be subdivided geographically. The meeting will research American and Canadian progressivism, and requests that the cataloger do research on French progressivism, as required by SHM H 202. (As submitted, the proposal included only the French title of the work being cataloged.)

The research should be done in authoritative French reference sources; the goal is to provide definitions or descriptions of progressivism in France. In addition, a description or definition of French progressivism from the work being cataloged should be provided. The research will be done in French, but the cataloger should provide an English translation or summary of the information found. The proposal may be resubmitted.
Sculpture, Neolithic; Bronze figurines, Neolithic

LCSH has never used the particular prehistoric period (e.g., Neolithic, Paleolithic, etc.) as a qualifier in headings for art forms. Existing headings are uniformly formulated as [art form], Prehistoric, which can be postcoordinated with a heading for the time period such as, Bronze figurines, PrehistoricNeolithic period—[place]; and/or [art form]—[place], or a heading for the particular prehistoric culture. The proposals were not approved.

Semendo (Indonesian people)

The cataloger cited Joshua Project, but not the alternative names found there (which should be UFs). The proposal may be resubmitted.



Time loop films

This is sub-genre that is too specific for LCGFT. Time loop films will be added as a UF reference to Time-travel films. The proposal was not approved


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.










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*The number of proposals approved is approximate and may change slightly during the final processing of the Approved List.

+The number of authority records cancelled is also included in the total number of proposals approved.