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December 1, 2010

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: J. Young



Angels as a theme in Dante’s works are classified at PQ4409.A6. The proposal was not approved.

Subject Headings

Braunton Bulb Farm (Braunton, England)

The Braunton Bulb Farm is a corporate entity and should be established as a name heading using descriptive cataloging rules. The proposal was not approved.


Most reference sources indicate that the word embayment is synonymous with bay, although there are other definitions, including some that fall into the discipline of geomorphism. It is unclear which meaning the proposal is intended to represent. If it is for a body of water, then the existing heading Bays should be applied. If a heading for an alternate definition of embayment is needed, then reference sources clearly supporting that definition should be cited; the heading should be qualified appropriately; and a scope note should be proposed. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Gays--Violence against

This proposal was made to add UFs for “homophobic incidents” to the existing heading. Homophobic incidents are not necessarily violent. A separate heading for homophobic incidents may be proposed if necessary for the work being cataloged.

Gays—Violence against—Monitoring; Gays—Violence against—Reporting; Hate crimes—Reporting; Transgender people—Violence against—Monitoring; Transgender people—Violence against—Reporting

The meeting does not wish to begin establishing the subdivisions –Reporting and/or –Monitoring under individual crimes. Other headings, such as Human rights monitoring or Citizen crime reporting, may be post-coordinated with the specific crime. The proposals were not approved.