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October 20, 2010

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: J. Young



There is already a classification number for Buddhist gods as depicted in sculpture, NB1912.B83. Since the concepts of Buddhist gods, Buddhism, and Buddha are so closely related, the meeting considers it advisable to have only one number for all three. Buddhism and Buddha will be added to the existing caption at NB1912.B83. The proposal was not approved. 

Subject Headings

Bobo Madaré (African people)

When the name of an ethnic group is the same as the name of the language that the group speaks, the preference in LCSH is to maintain consistency between the ethnic group and language headings. This proposal was made to modify the existing heading for the ethnic group from Bobo Fing (African people). It may be resubmitted along with a proposal to revise the heading Bobo Fing language.


Chronological subdivisions are created based on “a period of time that expresses a generally recognized period related to the subject or place as shown by authority research or a period of time frequently treated in works on the subject or place” (SHM H 620 sec. 3.d.2). The time period given in the chronological subdivision is based only on a chapter title in a book, and may therefore not be a generally recognized period in Estonian history. Research should be done in standard reference sources, such as encyclopedias, to determine the generally recognized time periods in Estonian history; the chronological subdivision should be based on those dates. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Pärnu River (Estonia); Pärnu River Watershed

GeoNet, which must be consulted when proposing foreign geographic names (SHM H 690 sec. 1), lists ten variant names for the Pärnu River. The variant names should be noted in the 670 fields and UFs should be provided for them, following the provisions in H 690 sec. 10. The proposal for the river may be resubmitted along with the proposal for the watershed.

Santa Ynez Mountains (Calif.)

GNIS lists five variant names for the Santa Ynez Mountains. The variant names should be noted in the 670 fields and UFs provided for them, following the provisions in H 690 sec. 10. Research should also be done to determine whether these mountains are part of a larger mountain range. If so, a BT should be given for that range (SHM H 690 sec. 10.c). The proposal may be resubmitted.