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October 7, 2009

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: L. Dechman


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Charlottesville Fashion Square (Charlottesville, Va.)

Shopping centers, which have previously been established as Group 2 subject headings, have been moved to Group 1 and should now be established as corporate entities. Headings for Shopping centers that are currently in LCSH will be reestablished as name headings. The proposal was not approved.

Lafnitz River (Austria and Hungary)

This is the same river that is already established as Lafnitz River (Austria) (sh2005000655). The heading Lafnitz River (Austria) will be changed to Lafnitz River (Austria and Hungary). This proposal was not necessary.

Public schools

This proposal was made to add the UF Model C schools to the heading Public schools. The term "Model C schools" refers to a specific type of school in South Africa. A separate heading such as Model C schools (South Africa) may be proposed, or a UF for Model C schools may be proposed to be added to Public schools--South Africa, whichever is more desirable. The proposal was not approved.


This term is the Afrikaans word for "pioneer". The meeting feels that the construction Pioneers--South Africa is the appropriate heading to use. The proposal was not approved.

Other announcements:

Cemeteries as archaelogical sites

In the Summary of Decisions for WL 34 the decision was made to treat Cemeteries that are archaeological sites as Group 1 name headings. Further investigation has revealed that many of the archaeological sites designated as cemeteries are prehistoric and therefore did not have formal names; the generic term "cemetery" was included in the site name because of the nature of the excavation; or, the site name was based on current features of the area, not on the actual name of a cemetery. Consequently, PSD has decided that archaeological sites that are designated as "cemeteries" may be established as Group 2 subject headings, including the term "Site" in the heading, as instructed in SCM H 1225.

Individual named cemeteries will continue to be included in the SCM H 405 Group 1 list of headings to be established as names.

SCM H 405 will be revised to include an explanatory note with Cemeteries in Group 1, and Cemeteries (Archaeological sites) will be added to Group 2 with a corresponding note.