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SACO proposals submitted to the Cooperative Programs (COOP) Section are processed by two distinct sections within LC: the COOP Section in the Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division (COIN) and the Data Integrity Section of the Policy and Standards Division (PSD). SACO proposals must go through the editorial process in order to be incorporated into the controlled vocabulary of Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Generally, all approved subject proposals are processed, the approved list is posted to the Web, and records are distributed to MARC Distribution Service: Subject Authorities subscribers within 9 to 10 weeks after initial receipt by the Library of Congress.

The following is a detailed description of the workflow.

SACO Processing

Week 1:

A SACO proposal is created in the SACO Proposal System

The proposal is assigned a control number in MARC 21 field 010; the control number begins with the prefix "sh" (for example, sh2012465727)

When the proposal is ready for processing in the COOP Section, the creator notifies COOP by sending a message to [email protected]

Proposals are reviewed by a SACO specialist in COOP to assure that basic Subject Headings Manual guidelines are correctly applied (for example, correct 008/06 coding for Geographic subdivision; correct MARC 21 tagging, correct coding of diacritics; adequate source citations are provided; and appropriate Broader Terms and/or Related Terms)

As proposals are completed in COOP they are sent daily to the Data Integrity Section of PSD.

If a change needs ot be made on a subject proposal after COOP notification, send an e-mail message to the SACO account, noting the specific changes needed. COOP staff will make the changes to the online record.

Once COOP has completed its work on the incoming SACO proposals (normally within five work days) they are sent to the Data Integrity Section to put into the editorial workflow for inclusion on a tentative list of proposed subject headings.

Editorial Processing in PSD

Weeks 2-4:

The Data Integrity Section of PSD processes all incoming proposals and compiles the tentative list.

Once work has been completed in the Data Integrity Section tentative lists are posted to the Web.

Weeks 5-6:

LC employees, SACO participants, and other constituencies examine the tentative list and make comments or suggestions to the subject policy specialist in charge of the list.

The Subject Policy specialist in charge of the list examines all the proposals in great depth for conformance to policies as stated in Subject Headings Manual H memos, and responds to comments submitted.

Weeks 7-8:

The editorial meeting is held. At the meeting, proposals are either approved, changed according to the subject heading policies, not approved, withdrawn, or marked resubmit. All proposals that were approved at the editorial meeting as submitted are added to the LCSH Master File. The MARC records for these approved headings are distributed to holders of the authoriy files. All other proposals on the tentative list that were not approved are held in the Data Integrity Section until the issues are resolved.

Week 9-10:

After all the remaining proposals on the tentative list are corrected online by the Data Integrity Section, the approved copy of the list is posted to the Web.

A Summary of Decisions from the weekly editorial meeting is posted on the SACO website.

Proposals that were not approved, or were marked resubmit, are included in this summary.

You should consult the Summary of Decisions - COOP staff will not contact you directly regarding proposal status.

Remember: COOP and PSD staff will not contact you regarding the status of proposals. You can monitor the progress and status of your proposal by:

  1. -- searching Library of Congress Authorities
  2. -- looking at the Subject Headings Approved Lists
  3. -- looking at the Summary of Decisions from the Weekly Editorial Meeting

Please do not use the SACO email address to inquire about the status of a proposal; instead, track the proposal as aforementioned.

Thank you for your cooperation! COOP staff is committed to timely and efficient processing and review of all SACO proposals!

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