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Oct. 2006 - Sept. 2007


As reported in the FY2006 SCS annual report, no new members had been appointed to the committee since 2003. At the end of September 2006, the terms of the chair and two remaining appointed members expired. Four members were appointed for three-year terms beginning Oct. 1, 2007:

Diane Boehr (National Library of Medicine)
Peter V. Fletcher (University of California, Los Angeles)
Joseph Kiegel (University of Washington)
Ann Sitkin (Harvard Law School Library)

David Reser (LC) and Jay Weitz (OCLC) continued in their role as committee liaisons.

Diane Boehr continued to serve as co-chair and as the SCS representative on CONSER's Access Level Record for Serials Working Group and the Working Group on Authentication Codes and Encoding Levels for Serials and Integrating Resources.

Peter Fletcher was appointed as the PCC Liaison to the CC:DA and participated in the activities of that group throughout the year.

Joan Schuitema of the University of Illinois at Chicago was appointed to serve a two-year term as chair effective Oct. 1, 2007. Additional new members will be appointed during FY2008 in an effort to restore staggered membership terms and to expand committee membership expertise and/or experience to include additional areas such as non-MARC metadata.


The Committee met during ALA Midwinter in Seattle, Washington. Committee members reviewed the SCS charges and the recommendations on the future of the group as outlined in FY2006 SCS annual report. Members also reviewed the PCC Tactical Action items developed by PoCo in an effort to identify additional areas where the SCS should be involved (i.e., working with other metadata communities on cooperative activities, the Virtual International Authority File initiative, the need to move the PCC from concentrating solely on traditional standards to new and different directions, etc.). The SCS will be charged in FY2008 to conduct a formal review of its mission and charges.

Committee members also discussed the establishment of a new SCS Task Group on Series. Based on the committee's recommendation, a PCC Ad Hoc Series Review Task Force was formed in June 2007 and charged to consider long-term benefits, costs, and simplification of series authority control. SCS members Joe Kiegel and Peter Fletcher were appointed to the group.

Because the committee had no new assignments or projects, it did not meet during ALA Annual.

Respectfully submitted,

Mechael Charbonneau, PCC Policy Committee, Chair Emeritus
Oct. 25, 2007

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