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OCT. 2006-SEPT. 2007

Task Group on Normalization: The task group's report, entitled Authority File Comparison Rules, was submitted and posted on the PCC Web site. After the report was posted, the Steering Committee asked what the next steps should be. Task group chair Gary Strawn suggested that they should be to:

  • Decide to implement the report.
  • Figure out some mechanism to use for disambiguating references that are now clearly in conflict.
  • Set up a schedule.
  • Fix problems that result from the change.

In Sept. 2007, Gary Strawn noted that he was still unsure whether the report had been adopted as official policy. BIBCO Operations Committee chair Carolyn Sturtevant investigated at LC and learned that "about half of the new NACO normalization elements were folded into the Unicode implementation." However, a revised table to reflect the recent revisions was lacking. Carolyn suggested that the task of creating such a table might be assigned to someone on the original task group.

Monographic Aggregator Task Group: A number of steps were taken to publicize this task group's MARC Record Guide for Monograph Aggregator Vendors:

  • A notice about the availability of the guide appeared in the Apr. 2007 issue of ALCTS Newsletter Online. The notice included a link to the guide on the PCC web site.
  • A message announcing the guide was sent out to the NISO AVIAC (Automation Vendor Information Advisory Committee) list.
  • A message announcing the availability of the guide on the PCC web site was sent to the ALCTS Publisher-Vendor-Library Relations list.

Members of the task group and of Standing Committee on Automation were asked if there were specific aggregators who should be alerted to the existence of the guide, but no suggestions were forthcoming.

Meetings: Because the committee's two active task groups had completed their charges early in the year and because the committee had no new assignments or projects, it did not meet at either ALA Midwinter or ALA Annual.

Membership: The terms of committee members Gary Charbonneau (chair) and Liz Brown expired at the end of September. Adolfo Tarango of the University of California, San Diego, was appointed to serve as chair for 2007-2010. The Steering Committee requested that the committee add two new members in each of the years 2007/08 and 2008/09 to bring its size up to the level of the other standing committees. Gary Charbonneau agreed to serve as a regular member for the single year 2007/08 and to represent the committee at the November Policy Committee meeting, since incoming chair Adolfo Tarango will be unable to attend. One additional new member needs to be identified for a 2007-2010 term to fulfill the Steering Committee's request.

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