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Outcomes from the PCC Operations Committee Meeting 2011

Agenda with links to background documents

Outcome Topic Assigned To Timeline
1. Discussion of: PCC RDA Policy and Practice Decisions Needed if RDA is Adopted (Word, 187KB)

The "Decisions needed" document has been updated to reflect OpCo Decisions for some topics and suggested next steps for some, but not all issues.
Action After the meeting the PCC Policy Committee established charges for three working groups to address three overarching themes raised during the meeting:
  • PCC RDA-Decisions-Needed Task Group to review, prioritize, recommend approaches to resolving items listed in the “decisions needed” document
  • PCC Task Group on RDA Acceptable Heading Categories to categorize AACR2 headings into those that are valid under RDA as is, those in need of change to be valid under RDA and gray areas that require more investigation.
  • PCC Task Group on Hybrid Bibliographic Records to make recommendations on practices for working with existing bibliographic records
PoCo Chair and PoCo to assign group membership Task Group work to be completed by the end of July 2011
Action Staff at PCC institutions are asked to continue to consult with public services, acquisitions, and systems staff at their institutions on the "decisions needed" document. Please send any additional comments to [email protected] or [email protected] Staff at PCC institutions Beginning May 2011

2. Provider neutral guidelines

Continue provider neutral guidelines under RDA as a PCC practice

Decision 3. Single record approach (SRA)

Continue current CONSER SRA practice.
BIBCO members took a straw vote and sanctioned the single record approach (by adding 856 to print record) for BIBCO libraries.

Action Ask the PoCo or Standing Committee on Standards to establish a task group to develop SRA guidelines for non-textual e-resources PoCo Summer 2011
Action Incorporate Decisions on individual fields into PCC documentation on SRA. PCC Operations Committees to determine Summer 2011
Action LC is willing to investigate problem with LC Records with URLs pointing to table of contents with the coding 856 41. LC/PSD staff to determine LC PSD staff to determine
No consensus

4. PoCo Discussion Paper on RDA implementation alternatives

No consensus but wide ranging discussion and a recognition that the PCC exists in an environment with records created according different cataloging rules.