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The following guidelines were recommended by the Task Group on Hybrid Bibliographic Records (Sept. 1, 2011). The recommendations were approved by the PCC Policy Committee. The documents below include guidelines for working with RDA and non-RDA records for monographs, serials, and integrating resources prior to implementation of RDA.

Guide 1: Enhancing & Editing RDA Monograph Records (Word, 78 KB)

Guide 2: Enhancing & Editing non-RDA Monograph Records (Word, 77 KB)

Guide 3: Enhancing & Editing RDA Serial Records (Word, 86 KB)

Guide 4: Enhancing & Editing non-RDA Serial Records (Word, 69 KB)

Guide 5: Enhancing & Editing RDA Integrating Resource Records (Word, 66 KB)

Guide 6: Enhancing & Editing non-RDA Integrating Resource Records (Word, 33 KB) (See report of follow on task group below for final guidelines)

PCC Task Group on Hybrid Integrating Resource Records (Word 97 KB) Final report, April 25, 2012: recommendations and guidelines for creating a hybrid record from a pre-RDA record