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The Program for Cooperative Cataloging and the Library of Congress Support BIBFRAME as the Model to Help the Library Community Move into the Linked Data Environment


June 20, 2014

The Library of Congress is leading development—with help, input, and support from a variety of groups and institutions—of a model for the linked data world that will ultimately replace the MARC format.  This model is BIBFRAME.  The latest in this development is the creation and sharing of a frontend BIBFRAME editor interface that enables users—both individual and institutional—to begin testing in practical ways how BIBFRAME can be used in processing and cataloging library and archival materials.

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), as the premier cataloging cooperative, is very interested in paving the way for its institutional membership to engage in linked data creation, manipulation, and use.  This pursuit is meaningful for PCC because the full functionality of RDA—Resource Description & Access is dependent on a framework that better accommodates linking data elements and that has the potential to take advantage of the Semantic Web.  PCC adopted RDA for authorities in 2013 and is poised to adopt RDA for bibliographic data as of January 2015.

LC wants to collaborate with PCC to help assure that the development and fine-tuning of BIBFRAME is informed by input, feedback, and support from a principal component of the library community.  This desire to collaborate will manifest in various ways during the American Library Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas and beyond.  As part of the PCC At-Large meeting, a third of the meeting will focus on BIBFRAME.  An LC cooperative cataloging specialist will demonstrate the frontend BIBFRAME editor interface.  Representatives from three institutions, which have posted tests of BIBFRAME implementations on the LC BIBFRAME website, will present on their experiences thus far.  Equally important, the attendees will brainstorm on how they, their institutions, and PCC can become more involved and knowledgeable about BIBFRAME.  The PCC Participants’ Discussion Group meeting will also have BIBFRAME as an underlying thread.  Last, linked data and BIBFRAME will be part of the fall PCC Policy Committee all-day facilitated meeting at LC.

In fiscal 2015, LC—both as BIBFRAME developer and as a PCC member and Secretariat—will initiate a pilot to create cataloging data using BIBFRAME for use and reuse by external constituents and stakeholders.

PCC and LC strongly encourage the PCC membership and the broader library community to become more knowledgeable and attuned to the development and rollout of BIBFRAME and how it fits within libraries and the larger linked data sphere.