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Current guidelines for updating records prefer updating them according to the rules under which the record was created. This means catalogers continue to update pre-AACR2 records using pre-AACR2 cataloging rules. Recataloging of pre-AACR2 records to AACR2 is restricted to certain situations. Streamlining this process will help reduce expensive recataloging costs and the need of training catalogers in using an obsolete cataloging code.

Records created according to non-AACR rules are not permitted in the CONSER database. The OCLC database includes records from a variety of sources, some of which follow standards other than those used by the Anglo-American cataloging community (for example, Dublin Core, cataloging codes from other countries, etc.) The ability to identify and make use of these records without having to re-describe to AACR2 could provide cataloging copy for a variety of large scale projects.


1) Make recommendations about CONSER's guidelines for updating pre-AACR2 records already in the CONSER database and for using non-CONSER pre-AACR2 records as copy. Provide specific guidelines allowing the use of current cataloging rules in updating pre-AACR2 records.

2) Discuss the issue of non-AACR2 records as they relate to the CONSER database and make recommendations for further action.


The new guidelines will not:

  • Cover latest entry records
  • Cover non-English records
  • Eliminate the need to interpret non-AACR records

Time frame

  • Brief progress report for the Annual Report of the CONSER program, Sept. 2005
  • Interim report and draft of revised guidelines for preAACR2 records by ALA mid-winter 2006
  • New guidelines for updating pre-AACR2 records by Operation Meeting, April 2006


Mary Grenci (University of Oregon)(Chair)
Everett Allgood (New York University)
Robert Bremer (OCLC)
Lucy Barron (Library of Congress)
James Castrataro (Indiana University)
Steve Early (Center for Research Libraries)
Lisa Furubotten (Texas A&M University)
Hien Nguyen (Library of Congress)
Bonnie Parks (Oregon State University)
Margaret Smith (Saint Louis University, Law Library)

Documents to be revised:

CCM 21.13-4
CEG B4.3


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