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PCC members participate in programs that shape the future of cataloging and reduce the costs of cataloging for everyone. Members work cooperatively with catalogers and metadata specialists around the globe, and receive training from experienced PCC trainers.

PCC institutions and staff:

Participate in:

Programs that are shaping the future of cataloging practice

Review and development of cost-efficient national and international cataloging standards

Design and development of training course material

Standing committees and task forces that define and extend the Program's policies, objectives, and standards


Cost of cataloging operations

Burden of cataloging commonly-held materials

Amount of local authority creation and maintenance


Number of catalogers working globally at defined cataloging standards

Number of cataloging records that can be used with little or no local editing

Number of authority records available to the larger library community


Training by experienced PCC trainers

Free online access to training materials and selected cataloging documentation

Career development opportunities through interaction with colleagues around the world