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PCC Standing Committee on Training (SCT)
April 2009

The PCC Standing Committee on Training has been actively working on various projects outlined below..

PCC SCT committee members: Paige Andrew (Pennsylvania State University), Barbara Bushman (National Library of Medicine), Andrea Stamm (Northwestern University), Rebecca Uhl (Chair, Arizona State University), Iris Wolley (Columbia University), Bob Wolverton, Jr. (Mississippi State University)

Liaisons: Glenn Patton (OCLC), Carolyn Sturtevant (LC/BIBCO)

NLM's Online Medical Cataloging Courses

Barbara's report to the SCT:

We are in the process of putting the MeSH course on the Web and having it publicly accessible. Our target date for announcing the availability of the course is May 8. My colleague, Sharon Willis, and I will be conducting a "preview session" of the online course on April 29 in conjunction with the OpCo meeting. We will have the online course available for the participants in that session.

The NLM Classification course content should be completed by ALA Annual, but no date has been set to release the course outline.

Map Cataloging Course

Paige Andrew of Pennsylvania State University is working with his CMS (content management system) coach on mounting the content of the map course on the Penn State servers. He hopes to have the course well on its way by the end of the summer, but an upgrade to the CMS may interfere and slow things down.

Task Group on BIBCO Record Requirements/BIBCO Training Materials Revision Group

Report from Iris Wolley:

The PoCo decision to develop a BIBCO standard record put the BIBCO Training Materials Revision Group on hold temporarily, as the standard record would have a major impact on the materials. Ultimately, the PCC Steering Committee charged this group with developing the standard record requirements:

Charge: Define a set of required elements for bibliographic records for mongraphs using a single encoding level.

The TG had a very short turnaround, beginning work in early March and submitting their interim report and MAP on March 20, 2009. The comment period ends April 24th, with the final report due to the PCC in June for a final decision.

Once approved, the TG members will complete the revision of the BIBCO training materials.


  • Magda El-Sherbini, Ohio State University
  • Rebecca Malek-Wiley, Tulane University
  • Caroline R. Miller, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Louise Ratliff, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Carolyn Sturtevant, Library of Congress (COOP liaison)
  • Iris Wolley, Columbia University (project coordinator)

PCC Documentation Review -- Series

In light of the Steering Committee's August, 2008, decision regarding series in PCC records, PoCo charged the SCT with coordinating a review of the PCC documentation and web site to determine needed changes. COIN staff completed the review of the web pages in need of updating, noting a number of FAQs and the core records which need updating, while SCT members reviewed BIBCO and CONSER documentation. We found no changes were needed to the various participants' manuals, the BIBCO training materials are already under revision (see above), and the CONSER documentation already complies with the decision.

The NACO series training documentation, however, is in need of a major revision; an SCT task group is being formed to handle the task.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Uhl
Chair, PCC Standing Committee on Training
April 2009

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