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ALA Midwinter, Boston, Massachusetts
Sunday, January 17, 2010
11:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Room 257A


Paul Frank, Library of Congress, Cooperative Programs Section, representing the SACO Program, welcomed attendees, and extended a special welcome to the MAGERT (Cataloging and Classification Round Table) attendees.

Frank acknowledged one of two important milestones that occurred recently in the SACO Program – longtime LC Cooperative Programs Section member and SACO Program representative John Mitchell retired on January 2, 2010, after many years of exemplary work in and valuable contributions to the SACO Program. Mitchell will be sorely missed. Library of Congress Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division chief Judith Cannan spoke about Mitchell’s total commitment to the SACO Program and his exemplary public relations skills. All present responded with warm applause and a standing ovation.

Paige Andrew, Pennsylvania State University, presented the contents of the map cataloging course and Website (on the Pennsylvania State University server) that is designed to be used as a reference and that will include one or two AV interactive features such as the use of the Natural Scale Indicator. List of URLs in Andrew's presentation (PDF, 16KB)

Frank gave a brief SACO Program update, highlighting five important items:

1) Program staffing
2) Program status
3) 034 fields in authority records—latest developments affecting SACO
4) SACO website revisions
5) SACO Program milestone—the 50,000th SACO proposal

SACO Program Update (PPT, 250KB)

Update on Genre/Form Projects at the Library of Congress

Janis Young, Library of Congress, Policy and Standards Division, was present to discuss the latest progress on the genre/form projects currently underway, including the status of the cartographic materials genre/form project. Young was to report on the PSD examination of current subject headings and subdivisions used to reflect content, and on what decisions have been reached regarding their structure and/or the ways the headings are assigned. Also, Young was to report on the decisions reached regarding the changes to the LCSH terms “Cookery” and “Cooking.”  

However, meeting time constraints prevented Young from giving an oral report; in its place, please see Young’s update document. Cookery and Genre/Form Updates (PDF, 29KB)

Gary Strawn, Northwestern University, gave a progress report on the program he developed to implicitly trace Narrower Terms in LCSH records.

The meeting ended at 12:05 PM.

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