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A Caroling We Will Go

During the Christmas holidays, we all have our tried-and-true favorite tunes to listen to – “Deck the Halls,” “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” “Let it Snow” and “Jingle Bell Rock” to name a few. This year, why not incorporate some new songs to your yuletide record collection – how about “Christmas Day in the Workhouse” or “Christmas Morning at Clancey’s?

"For he's a jolly good fellow, so say we all of us." 1889. Prints and Photographs Division. Reproduction Information: Reproduction No.: LC-USZ62-85512 (b&w film copy neg.); Call No.: Illus. in NC1075.N3 (Case X) [P&P]<strong></strong> “It's not a regular Christmas, unless you're with the folks back home.” 1912. Music Division. Reproduction Information: Call No.: 34/2356

A search for “Christmas” in the National Jukebox uncovers recordings of holiday classics and some not-so-classic.

Developed by the Library of Congress, with assets provided by Sony Music Entertainment, the National Jukebox offers free online access to a vast selection of music and spoken-word recordings produced in the U.S. between the years 1901 and 1925. More than 10,000 historic sound recordings are available to the public for the first time digitally.

Visitors to the National Jukebox are able to listen to available recordings on a streaming-only basis, as well as view thousands of label images, record-catalog illustrations and artist and performer bios. In addition, users can further explore the catalog by accessing special interactive features, listening to playlists curated by Library staff, and creating and sharing their own playlists.

Thanks to the Library’s Historic Sheet Music Collection, you can gather around the piano and try your hand at the “Christmas Polka” or “It's Not a Regular Christmas, Unless You're With the Folks Back Home.” The collection consists of approximately 9,000 items published from 1800 to 1922.