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Experiencing War: Stories from the Veterans History Project

All Releases Listed by Theme

  1. Courage, Patriotism, Community
  2. Sweethearts, Buddies, Family Ties
  3. Life-Altering Moments, On a Mission, Hurry Up & Wait
  4. D-Day Anniversary
  5. Prisoners of War
  6. Voices of War (Companion Web site)
  7. Military Medicine
  8. War's End: VE- and VJ-Days
  9. Stories from the 2004 WWII Reunion on the Mall
  10. Forever a Soldier (Companion Web site)
  11. African-Americans at War: Fighting Two Battles
  12. Military Intel: the Inside Story
  13. The Art of War
  14. Women at War
  15. Asian Pacific Americans: Going for Broke
  16. World War I: The Great War
  17. The War (Companion to the Ken Burns Series)
  18. China-Burma-India: WWII's Forgotten Theater
  19. Women of Four Wars
  20. Jewish Veterans of World War II
  21. The Global War on Terror
  22. Hispanics in Service
  23. Buffalo Soldiers: The 92nd in Italy
  24. Helicopters: The Multi-mission Aircraft
  25. Disabled Veterans: The Unhealed Wounds
  26. D-Day 65th Anniversary
  27. They Also Served: Coast Guard/Merchant Marine
  28. Willing to Serve: American Indians
  29. Submarines: The Silent Service
  30. The Korean War: Not Forgotten
  31. The WASP: First in Flight
  32. VHP: The First Ten Years
  33. Chaplains: On a Divine Mission
  34. Wings of War
  35. Pearl Harbor: 70th Anniversary
  36. Military Photographers: Framing the Shot
  37. Serving in Silence
  38. Vietnam War: Looking Back, Part 1
  39. Vietnam War: Looking Back, Part 2
  40. Vietnam War: Looking Back, Part 3
  41. Vietnam War: Looking Back, Part 4
  42. Healing with Honor: Medical Personnel
  43. Current Conflicts: Afghanistan and Iraq
  44. The Aleutian Islands: WWII's Unknown Campaign
  45. National World War II Reunion: May 27-30, 2004, Man-on-the-Mall Interviews
  46. D-Day 70th Anniversary
  47. Stories from the Stacks: Staff Picks
  48. World War I Remembered: 100 Years Later
  49. “Please Write Often”: Wartime Correspondence
  50. VHP's 15th Anniversary: Year of the Interviewer
  51. End of World War II: 70th Anniversary
  52. VHP at 15: Collections Over the Years
  53. The Persian Gulf: 25 Years Later
  54. Speaking Out: LGBT Veterans
  55. The Art of War (enhanced version)
  56. PTSD: A Lasting Impact of War
  57. World War I: Echoes of the Great War (companion website for the exhibition)
  58. Stories Above and Beyond: The Medal of Honor
  59. Guadalcanal:75 Years Later
  60. "Equality of Treatment and Opportunity": Executive Order 9981
  61. Cold War Dispatches: Service Stories from 1947-1991
  62. Personal Snapshots: Picturing the Vietnam War
  63. The GI Bill: 75 Years of Opportunity
  64. D-Day: 75th Anniversary
  65. Breaking Ground and Boundaries: Veteran Changemakers
  66. Veterans and the Arts: Showcase Companion
  67. Family Matters: Relatives at War
  68. End of World War II: 75th Anniversary
  69. First, Serve: Athletes in Uniform (July 2020)
  70. Celebrating 20 Years: VHP Staff Favorites (December 2020)
  71. Legacies of Service: Celebrating Native Americans (May 2021)
  72. 20 Years of Service: Post-9/11 Veterans (September 2021)
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