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Requesting a Grant

  • The TPS Regional program accepts proposals for projects lasting up to 18 months, on a rolling basis. Before applying for a grant, please review the website for your region and submit a Notice of Intent. Regional staff will help you determine if your grant idea falls within the funding guidelines of the program.
  • The TPS Regional program can offer advice and assistance to organizations who would like to incorporate TPS methods and materials into their programs, but do not need or receive funding.

Evaluating Grant Applications

  • A successful grant application will include a thorough description of the intended project, its audience and content, a timeline of activities and a budget and narrative. Evaluators also look for a supporting management structure and a plan for sustained delivery of TPS content.
  • Applicants learn of granting decisions within six weeks of submitting proposals.

Granting Criteria

When making granting decisions, regional staff consider whether the proposed project:

  • Provides access to geographic areas and populations not currently served by TPS Consortium members;
  • Includes professional development activities and partnerships that increase the likelihood of the project helping teachers achieve TPS goals;
  • Describes the grantee organization’s sustained use of TPS content within its professional development programs for teachers;
  • Exhibits sound planning, recruitment, implementation, and resource allocation.

Award Requirements

Grantees must submit brief financial and program reports. Grant funds will be disbursed upon submission of appropriate documentation of expenditures.