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For each issue, TPS partners submit summaries of and links to online resources—articles, research reports, Web sites, and white papers—that provide research and current thinking relating to the theme. This issue's Research & Current Thinking focuses on helping teachers use primary sources to use fine arts-based primary sources in their instruction.

Geography and History: Bridging the Divide (PDF)
History is often interpreted as a series of time periods or eras, while geography looks at the past as places defined by their features and events. Alan R. H. Baker argues that looking at history and geography interdependently allows new patterns to emerge.

National Geography Standards & Skills (From Geography for Life, Second Edition)
This online collection of articles and information from the National Geographic Society addresses approaches to help K-12 students engage in geographic thinking, including discussions of geographic perspectives, standards, and skills pertinent to K-12 education.

A Road Map for 21st Century Geography Education: Geography Education Research
Using action research to evaluate geographic knowledge of students in the United States, Fengtao Guo suggests strategies and techniques for improving geography education in the United States and engaging students in the process.

Trove of Information From the 1930s, Animated by the Internet: Lab in Richmond Animates Comprehensive 1932 U.S. Atlas
More than 700 maps from Charles O. Paullin’s impressive Atlas of the Historical Geography have now been digitized in an interactive format and made available online.

Common Core English Language Arts and Geography Connections
This guide provides a helpful alignment of Common Core ELA and National Geography Standards.

An Ethnic Geography of New Orleans
This article looks at the diversity of New Orleans from both historical and geographical perspectives and discusses them within the context of Hurricane Katrina, yielding new perspectives and insights into this tragic event.

The Lens of the Local: Teaching an Appreciation of the Past through the Exploration of Local Sites, Landmarks, and Hidden Histories (PDF)
The author advocates teaching history through a local lens – physically immersing students in the landscape to make history more dynamic, concrete, and tangible.

The Civil War: Looking at the Battle of Gettysburg Through Robert E. Lee’s Eyes
This article profiles Anne Kelly Knowles, winner of a 2012 Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award, and her work using GIS technology for historical geography. Knowles models how the technology works tracing an example of Robert E. Lee.