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About the Program

The Library of Congress awards grants to educational organizations, including universities, historical societies, foundations, companies, and school districts that assist in the design and delivery of the TPS program. These grantees, who comprise the TPS Consortium, deliver TPS professional development and academic courses, design curriculum and apps/online interactives using primary sources from the Library’s collections, and or conduct research on the classroom use of primary sources.

In August 2016, the Library conducted a nationwide competitive search for organizations that could demonstrate: their knowledge of the pedagogy for using primary sources; ability to design and manage project activities that are transferrable to other organizations and locales; and active membership in networks that can facilitate the spread of TPS.

The Library selected 29 new and continuing organizations to participate in the TPS Consortium, between October 2016 and October 2019. Twenty-eight of these Consortium members receive annual grants ranging from $50,000 to $300,000, depending on the scope of their projects. One member is self-funded. Educational Outreach expects to begin the next recruitment of members for the 2020-22 Consortium in early 2019.

In addition to Consortium grants, three Consortium members, Waynesburg University, Illinois State University, and Metropolitan State University, manage regional activities in the East, Midwest, and West, respectively. On a continuously rolling basis, they offer small sub-grants of up to $20,000 to organizations wishing to incorporate TPS methods and materials into their programs for teachers.