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Put primary sources in your students' hands

The new Library of Congress Student Discovery Sets bring together historical artifacts and one-of-a-kind documents on a wide range of topics, from history to science to literature. Interactive tools let students zoom in, draw to highlight details, and conduct open-ended primary source analysis. Full teaching resources are available for each set.

Group of African American children playingChildren's Lives at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Children of a century past: How were their lives different from today's? How were they the same? Especially for early grades.

extract from the U.S. ConstitutionThe Constitution

The drafts and debates that brought the Constitution and the Bill of Rights into being, including notes by the documents' framers.

Migrant pea pickerThe Dust Bowl

Songs, maps, and iconic photographs document the daily ordeals of rural migrant families during a disastrous decade.

Langston HughesThe Harlem Renaissance

Discover some of the innovative thinkers and creative works that contributed to the cultural movement known as the Harlem Renaissance.

Immigrants looking out over waterImmigration

The immigrant experience in America from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in primary sources.

Breaker boys, Woodward Coal Mines, Kingston, PaThe Industrial Revolution

The U.S.'s tumultuous transformation into an industrial power, as revealed in films, images, songs, and stories.

Japanese-American childJapanese American Internment

Compelling photographs, including many by Ansel Adams, illuminate the experience of Japanese Americans interned during World War II.

Negro going in colored entrance of movie house on Saturday afternoonJim Crow and Segregation

Powerful photos and documents illuminate a century of segregation and the struggles against it.

The New Deal

Vivid posters, photographs, and stories from the government programs created to fight the Great Depression.

A severed snakePolitical Cartoons and Public Debates

Political cartoons and other documents from three centuries of U.S. history shed light on the persuasive strategies used in public debates.

Scientific Data: Observing, Recording, and Communicating Information

How do scientists record and communicate their observations? Explore notes, sketches, maps, and more from across the centuries.

Betsy Ross sewing the U.S. flagSymbols of the United States

Watch six well-known symbols of the U.S. change over the centuries. Especially for early grades.

Thanksgiving, 1919Thanksgiving

How did Thanksgiving begin, and how has it been celebrated throughout U.S. history?

Planet earth with the moon and starsUnderstanding the Cosmos

Astronomers' depictions of the universe, from before Copernicus to after photography.

Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln

Images and documents introduce three important U.S. presidents. Especially for early grades.

Weather Forecasting

Three hundred years of studying and predicting the weather, from antique barometers to computer-generated maps.

Westward Expansion

Maps, photos, sheet music and more document the expansion of the U.S. westward in the 19th century.

Suffrage Parade, New York CityWomen's Suffrage

The battle for women's right to vote comes to life in the scrapbooks, posters, news stories, cartoons, and firsthand accounts of suffrage activists.

World War I

Explore a war like no other through photographs, sheet music, newspapers, and soldiers’ accounts.