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Work pays America! Prosperity

[Detail] Work pays America! Prosperity

Multimedia resources from the Library of Congress that support instruction about labor. These resources include expert presentations, exhibitions, bibliographies, Webcasts, and other online materials.

America at Work (Presentation) These films show people at work during the late 1890s and early 1900s.

American Memory Timeline: Labor Unions During the Great Depression and New Deal (Presentation) This timeline section focuses on the status of labor unions in the 1930s.

American Memory Timeline: The Great Railroad Strike of 1894 (Presentation) How did the railroad strike of 1894 impact America?

American Memory Timeline: Virginia’s Labor Problem – 1617-1620 (Presentation) This timeline section focuses on labor in 17th century Virginia.

American Memory Timeline: Work in the Late 19th Century (Presentation) Industrialization expands in the late 1800s.

American Women: Industry and Labor Union Journals (Presentation) Trade and industry journals, especially in the fashion and clothing industries, yield frequent glimpses of women within this male-dominated realm.

American Women: Labor and Progressive Reform (Presentation) During turn-of-the-century industrial America, women banded together to form national and local organizations dedicated to enhancing social justice and advancing the general welfare.

BE Online+ (Internet Resources) Links to labor related internet sites from Business Reference Services.

Bringing an NCLC Photo Into Focus (Prints and Photographs) Look closely and learn the story of one of Lewis Hines’ images in the National Child Lamor Committee collection.

Buckaroo: Views of a Western Way of Life (Presentation) Read about the changes in ranching life in Nevada from 1945-1982.

Dorothea Lange's "Migrant Mother" Photographs in the Farm Security Administration Collection: An Overview (Prints and Photographs) Information about and links to 1936 Dorothea Lange photographs documenting migrant farm worker life in Nipomo, California.

Industry (Prints and Photographs) View a selection of images depicting industry and mills from the online version of Pictorial Americana.

Labor and Labor Organizations (Prints and Photographs) View a selection of images depicting labor and labor organizations from the online version of Pictorial Americana.

Life of the People: Realist Prints and Drawings From the Ben and Beatrice Goldsmith Collection, 1912-1948 (Exhibition) View the Capital and Labor section of this exhibition for a variety of labor related prints and drawings.

National Child Labor Committee Collection (Prints and Photographs) Click on Arrangement and Access to view more than 5,100 Lewis Hine photographs documenting working and living conditions of children in the United States between 1908 and 1921.

Primary Source Investigation (Document) Use this primary source investigation strategy as a way for students to examine documents and think critically about their meaning. Themes include Civil War, reform movements, Harlem Renaissance and presidential campaigns.

Rosie Pictures: Select Images Relating to American Women Workers During World War II (Prints and Photographs) These images from the Prints and Photographs collections were issued by the U.S. government or by commercial sources during World War II.

Rosie the Riveter: Real Women Workers in WWII (Webcast) Sheridan Harvey, Women’s Studies Specialist, explores the evolution of "Rosie the Riveter" in this Journeys and Crossings webcast.

Today in History (September 5, 1882) The First Labor Day (Today in History) Some 10,000 workers assembled in New York City to participate in America's first Labor Day parade.

The Westinghouse World: The Companies, the People and the Places (Presentation) Learn more about the history of the Westinghouse companies, working conditions, projects Westinghouse worked on and founder George Westinghouse.

Working in Paterson: Five Fieldworkers Impressions (Presentation) This four-month study of occupational culture in Paterson, New Jersey (considered to be the cradle of the Industrial Revolution in America) was conducted in 1994.