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Blowing horns on Bleeker Street on New Year's Day

[Detail] Blowing horns on Bleeker Street on New Year's Day

Online activities and background information from the Library of Congress to help students learn more about holidays.

American Treasures: America Eats (Exhibition) View Federal Writer's Project photographs of this 1930s project

Come Celebrate (America's Library) Every country and every culture has its own traditional celebrations and festivities. Many of these celebrations have existed for centuries and have been passed down and observed.

Everybody Plays the Fool (Wise Guide) Find out about the origin of April Fools' Day.

Honor Your Father: At Least Once a Year (Wise Guide) Learn about the origins of Father's Day.

Honor Your Mother (Wise Guide) This article highlights Mother's Day resources in the Library of Congress.

Join America at Play: Seasonal Trips (America's Library) School holidays often mean vacations.

Jump Back in Time: April 10, 1872 (First Arbor Day) (America's Library) On this date, Nebraskans celebrated the first Arbor Day by planting more than a million trees.

Jump Back in Time: April 22, 1970 (Earth Day) (America's Library) The first Earth Day was celebrated on this date.

Jump Back in Time: December 24, 1822 (Clement Moore) (America's Library) On this date, Clement Moore is believed to have written "A Visit From Saint Nicholas".

Jump Back in Time: December 25 (Christmas Day) (America's Library) Read about Christmas traditions and celebrations.

Jump Back in Time: February 14 (Valentine's Day) (America's Library) Read about Valentine's Day traditions.

Jump Back in Time: January 15, 1929 (America's Library) Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. was born.

Jump Back in Time: July 4, 1776 (Independence Day) (America's Library) The fourth of July became a legal holiday in 1941.

Jump Back in Time: May 30, 1868 (First Official Memorial Day) (America's Library) Originally called Decoration Day, the first Memorial Day celebration took place at Arlington National Cemetery.

Jump Back in Time: May 9, 1914 (America's Library) Read about the first Mother's Day.

Jump Back in Time: October 12, 1492 (America's Library) Christopher Columbus first saw land.

Jump Back in Time: September 5, 1882 (America's Library) Learn the history of the first Labor Day.

Juneteenth Celebration (America's Library) On June 3, 1979 Texas became the first state to proclaim Emancipation Day (Juneteenth) an official state holiday.

Labor and Luck (Wise Guide) Read about the history of the first Labor Day in America.

Local Legacies: Celebrating Community Roots (Local Legacies) Click on your state to read stories from the Local Legacies Project.

The Making of the Constitution (Wise Guide) Each May 1, Law Day is celebrated in honor of the laws that are the guiding principles of the nation.

Mardi Gras Season in New Orleans (America's Library) Did you know that Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday in French?

Meet Amazing Americans: George Washington (America's Library) Learn about America's 1st president.

This Land is Your Land! (Wise Guide) Celebrate Independence Day with patriotic songs and other historic Library of Congress treasures.

We Wreathe the Red, White and Blue (Wise Guide) Read the history of the Memorial Day tradition.

Who Celebrated the "First Thanksgiving"? (Wise Guide) Learn more about America's early Thanksgiving celebrations.