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Multimedia resources from the Library of Congress that support instruction about advertising. These resources include expert presentations, exhibitions, bibliographies, Webcasts, and other online materials.

Advertisements (Prints and Photographs) View a selection of images depicting advertisements from the online version of Pictorial Americana.

Advertising and Propaganda (Presentation) This section of the American Women Gateway offers search tips for finding advertising related posters and graphic ephemera in the Prints and Photographs collections.

Advertising Timeline (Presentation) This timeline includes selected events in business technology, media, marketing, and advertising from 1850-1920.

American Women: Advertising and Propaganda (Presentation) This selection of the American Women gateway highlights advertising and propaganda holdings of the Prints and Photographs Division.

BEOnline: Advertising and Marketing (Internet Resource) Link to advertising and marketing resources recommended by Business Reference Services.

Beverage Industry: Celebrating 50 Years of Service (Presentation) What's your drink? Enjoy this summary of the beverage industry from the 1940s to the 1990s.

Blacks in Advertising (Webcast) Marilyn Kern-Foxworth, Associate Professor in the Department of Journalism at Texas A&M University, discusses myths and stereotypes in "Blacks in Advertising Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."

Branding of America (Online Activity) In this presentation featuring primary sources depicting famous American brand names, students are invited to submit products from their own communities.

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers (Digital Collection) Search and read newspaper pages from 1900-1910 and find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present. Browse papers for advertisements.

A Closer Look at the Stars and Stripes (Presentation) Learn about the purpose, organization and content of this eight-page weekly newspaper published for Army forces in France from February 8, 1918, to June 13, 1919. Make sure to browse the advertising section of this presentation.

Commercials (Internet Resources) Scroll to the end of this Motion Picture and Television Reading Room online for internet sites offering online access to television commercial footage.

Current Business News Via Wire Service (Internet Resources) Link to these Library of Congress recommended sites for information about current business topics.

Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850-1920 (Presentation) Learn about and link to the 11 categories in this collection: ephemera, broadsides, cookbooks, advertising publications, J.Walter Thompson ads, Kodakiana, Lux, R.C.Maxwell, Pond’s scrapbooks and tobacco advertising.

Guide to Business History Resources (Internet Resources) This online guide suggests both bibliographic and internet resources to help students research the history of a company.

Highlights in the History of Coca-Cola Television Advertising (Presentation) From animated bottles to polar bears - come see what The Coca-Cola Company has produced for its television audience over the years.

Household Appliances (Prints and Photographs) View a selection of images depicting advertisements for household appliances from the online version of Pictorial Americana.

Introduction to Prosperity and Thrift (Presentation) This presentation highlights the main themes of the Prosperity and Thrift collection. Of special interest is the Merchandising and Advertising section.

Library of Congress Ad Highlights (Wise Guide) View television and print highlights from the Library of Congress advertising campaign created in partnership with the Advertising Council.

Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952-2004 (Internet Resource) This online exhibition features more than 250 television commercials from election years 1952-2004.

Northern Valley Archives: Developing Web-Based Activities from the American Memory Collection (Article) This article offers teacher created ideas for primary source lessons on the topics of Civil War, Industrial Revolution, Japanese Internment, the Progressive Era and Slave Narratives.

Television Advertising: A Brief History (Presentation) With its roots in radio, television impacts how products are advertised to consumers. Come see and say, And now a word from our sponsors…