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Overview | Preparation | Procedure | Evaluation

Lesson Evaluation


  • process Journal (individual);
  • executive summary of independent research (individual) - one-page abstract, glossary/outline, bibliography;
  • proposed itinerary (team) - world map, line budget, packing list;
  • peer review of partner team's proposal (team) - written evaluation of one paragraph summary;
  • postcards updating Board of Trustees (individual) - selection of visual images and citation;
  • peer review of partner team's postcards (team) - critique of visual images;
  • illustrated written report (team);
  • oral presentation (team), and
  • letter from contemporary non-Westerner (individual).

Each group compiles a record of the Commission's experiences to be shared with a role play Board of Trustees of the WTC, composed of the classroom teacher and a peer partner team.

In addition, each student may keep a process journal commenting on the progress of the project, problems encountered, and technological issues. Topics of journal entries should be determined by the students unless otherwise indicated in the assigned activities.