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The burning of San Francisco

[Detail] The burning of San Francisco

Lesson Evaluation

Students interpret and construct meaning from the photographs, song lyrics and life histories and apply the information by creating an original oral composition. They compare fictional and factual accounts of an event and learn independently as they research a natural disaster and its effects. Finally, students create a quality product synthesizing information and meaning from several sources.

Student products may include:

  1. A personal interpretation of photographs.
  2. An interpretation of song lyrics.
  3. An evaluation/analysis of an oral history.
  4. A journal with reactions to an historical fiction novel.
  5. A presentation including an original fictional eyewitness account of the event which demonstrates the ability to apply information gathered through research to a new composition.
  6. A poster with photographs, maps, diagrams, drawings or other information about the natural disaster.

Rubrics for these products should be designed in a teacher student collaboration. Students may also complete a self evaluation of their participation in the lesson.