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Panorama #1, Hot Springs, Ark, c1910

[Detail] Panorama #1, Hot Springs, Ark, c1910

Lesson Evaluation

Collecting Primary Source Materials

Peer Review Assessment

  1. Students determine criteria for assessment checklists of the archive.
  2. As students continue to collect, analyze, and research related materials, the progress of their project is monitored by their peers. Classroom teams meet for a monthly roundtable discussion and evaluation of their projects, using their criteria for assessment.
  3. The peer review process may be used in evaluating the final project, the written analysis, and the oral presentation.

Teacher Assessment

  1. By the end of the ninth week of class, each student produces a written statement describing his or her topic and outlining a plan for collecting materials
  2. Students turn in peer review after each monthly roundtable.
  3. Teachers may choose to culminate this unit with a written analysis of the archival collection and/or other demonstrations of mastery of the concepts of archival collection and analysis.
  4. Teachers evaluate oral presentations of final projects.