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Looping the loop, Atlantic City

[Detail] Looping the loop, Atlantic City

Photograph Investigations

This set of pictures was found in a museum filing cabinet. It was to be part of an exhibit titled "When Work Is Done," about leisure time activities in the 20th Century. The explanatory data for the album was missing.

Join our museum staff and help us fill in the missing information.

As a member of the museum staff you will be expected to examine the set of pictures and decide what patterns are present in the pictures.

  • Why did the curator select these pictures?
  • Why would someone have photographed this scene?
  • What do the photographs have in common?
  • How are they different?
  • Record your observations. Possible questions to consider include:
  1. As you go through the album, pretend that you are a curator of a museum trying to discern answers to the following questions about each picture.
    • What is happening?
    • Who is present?
    • Who is not present?
    • Where is the action taking place? (region of the country, physical location)
    • Why was the picture included in this set?
    • What point is the curator trying to make?
  2. Once you have the answers to these questions, try to find a pattern. What do these pictures tell us about leisure time in the 20th Century in general? What do they tell us about card playing?
  3. Write the description that would be with the display of this item when exhibited in the museum. (Be sure it is in the form of a thesis.)
  4. Compare your description with your classmates'.