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Company “I”, 102 Inf., 2b Div., A.E.F.

[Detail] Company "I", 102 Inf., 2b Div., A.E.F.

Newspaper Department Assignments

Job Title Duties and responsibilities
Publisher (1) The publisher makes sure that the newspaper represents a pro-WWI or anti-WWI slant and that each newspaper staff member fulfills his assignment.
Editorial Board (2-3) Members of the editorial board assist the publisher in seeing to it that deadlines are met. Editorial board members create a timeline of major war events and are also responsible for the physical layout and production of the newspaper.
Mobilization Unit (1-2) The mobilization reporter explores how the United States Government and the American people are preparing and building up for war.
Women and Minorities (2) The Women and Minorities reporter investigates issues facing these sub-groups.
Arts and Culture (1-2) The Arts and Culture reporter surveys developments in music and the arts.
Society (1-2) The Society reporter provides stories about local community happenings. Letters to the editor regarding the views of the average citizen may be generated from this department
Leaders (1-2) The Leaders reporter covers major military and political figures associated with the war effort and reports back on the words and deeds of these individuals.
Photographic and Print Division (1-2) This newspaper staff member is responsible for finding a photograph, advertisement, or political cartoon to illustrate a story being developed by a reporter.