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Charley Williams and Granddaughter, Age 94

[Detail] Charley Williams and Granddaughter, Age 94

Unit 4: Conducting and Presenting Research


The interview (Unit Two) and the work on gathering information from primary sources (Unit Three) leads to writing a focused history research paper based on both primary and secondary sources.


The students will develop the skills needed to write a research paper. Students learn:

  • the use of an interview as a primary source in writing research papers;
  • the formulation, use, and importance of questions in researching a topic. (Students will practice posing questions and using them as a means to direct their research and to arrive at a unifying thesis statement.);
  • the skills of accessing, interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating sources;
  • the skill of note-taking;
  • the writing of a focused history research paper rather than just a report.

Time Required

Six to seven weeks.