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Charley Williams and Granddaughter, Age 94

[Detail] Charley Williams and Granddaughter, Age 94

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Lesson Procedure

Lesson One: Analyzing an Interview

Find complete directions for this lesson in the student Lesson One: Analyzing an Interview.

Lesson 2: Conducting an Interview

Direct the students to the student page Lesson Two: Conducting an Interview. Remind the students to take careful and extensive notes or to tape (audio or video) the interview.

  1. You may require the students to do a transcript (not a summary or interpretive narrative) of the interview. If the interview is extremely long, this requirement may be adjusted to fit a major section of the interview.
  2. The typed transcript should be at least four pages.
  3. If only a portion of the interview is transcribed, the student must hand in the notes or tape from the entire interview.
  4. Students are directed to perform spell-check and grammar-check on the interview transcript. They are not to change the grammar, idioms, etc., of the person interviewed but to use [sic] to indicate these non-standard items.


You may wish to create a file or a Web site of interview transcripts. The transcripts and the resulting history research papers and visuals created for the history research paper oral presentation may form part of a presentation or display for "Grandparents' Day," if such an event is celebrated at your school.