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Reading Programs

A search on read produces posters that promote literacy. Posters featuring nursery rhyme characters, Little Miss Muffet and Wee Willie Winkie, and touting books as "Passports to Adventure" emphasize the fun of reading. A very different poster presents books as social weapons, and conveys the importance of reading.

The Special Presentation, "Federal Art Project Calendar," presents a calendar in which each month is represented by an illustration of a different seasonal activity. This project can serve as a model to create a calendar that promotes literacy throughout the year with a different type of book or theme representing each month.

  • How are books depicted in the posters that promote reading? How do these works compare to contemporary literacy campaigns?
  • Create a poster or calendar that promotes the value of reading. What aspects of reading will you emphasize? How will you appeal to your viewer and encourage reading?
  • In your calendar, will you celebrate one genre or aspect of reading throughout the year, or will you relate a book to each month or season? Write a paragraph describing the idea for each month of the year.
  • What visual techniques will you use to convey your message?
  • Will you include text on the poster or calendar?
  • What do you think that associating a book with a specific month implies about the book and about the appeal of reading?