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[Detail] See America. Alexander Dux

Art Criticism

The collection's Contributor Index provides an opportunity to examine the collected work of a specific graphic artist. For example, Blanche Anish's posters include pieces on plays, occupations related to mathematics and industrial arts, and an airplane mechanics course.

  • How do one artist's works compare to another's in terms of theme and composition?
  • Is a specific style visible across an artist's work?
  • What is your opinion of a particular artist's work? Do you think that the work is successful in conveying its message?
  • Do you think that an artist is limited by subject matter?
  • Do you think that the images and composition are appealing? Why or why not?
  • What aspect of these posters do you think exemplifies the artist's technique?
  • Imagine that there is an exhibition of WPA graphic artists. Write a description of the artist's work for an exhibition guide.
  • Write a critical review of the artist's work.