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[Detail] An advertisement from The Minnesota guide. 1869

Because the collection Pioneering the Upper Midwest, ca. 1820-1910 contains materials covering such a vast period of time, it lends itself to activities that foster chronological and comparative thinking. Narratives allow thorough examinations of a variety of topics and provide an opportunity to analyze authors and authors' biases through their own works. Finally, the historical content provides challenging issues and rich research topics.

Chronological Thinking

Choose a historical era in American history and make a list of its major events. Then, create a timeline that shows the impact of these events in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. With this list, you can explore the collection for illustrative examples to reference in your timeline. If you are able to make their timeline in HTML, you can reference your examples with links to images and excerpts from texts.

Alternatively, you can illustrate continuity and change over time by searching on a topic such as emigration. Searching on emigrant or immigration, and on place names such as Norway, Germany, and Scotland yields narratives that reflect possible reasons for migration at different periods of time.