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[Detail] 1994 Judges' Choice Winner; Susan's Fan.

In addition to providing the basis for a number of creative writing projects, Quilts and Quiltmaking in America 1978-1996 also supports some more unique projects. For example, the collection's kids quilts provide examples with which teachers can create their own classroom quilt projects. Also, by taking on the role of a quilt contest judge, students can better understand visual art and its value. Finally, the collection can be used to teach symbolism.

Classroom Quilt

The winning quilts from the 1996 Lands' End contest include nine kids' quilts, created by students, their teachers, and sometimes other adults from their schools and communities. Search on kids quilts for photographs of these nine quilts and their accompanying notes.

In the notes, teachers celebrate the way these projects created a sense of community, cooperation, and pride, while fostering a variety of skills from drawing and sewing to math. The quilts also added to and often provided the locus point for explorations of a variety of themes such as non-violence, westward expansion, state pride, and black history. Teachers can follow and synthesize any of these examples to create a quilt project in their own schools and classrooms.

Quiltmaking helps each class form strong community bonds. Parents, teachers, and children all work together -- learning more about one another, working together, teaching and learning and laughing.   -- Jo Noonan, Arbor Montessori School, 1996 Kids Quilt; Wild in the Garden