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[Detail] 1994 Judges' Choice Winner; Susan's Fan.

3) The Quilting Revival

The Lands' End contests and their prize-winning quilts reflect a quilting revival that occurred in the late twentieth century. Learn about this revival by reading the special presentations, Blue Ridge Quiltmaking in the Late Twentieth Century, Speaking of Quilts: Voices from the Late Twentieth Century and The Lands' End All-American Quilt Contest, and by analyzing the photographs of the winning quilts and their accompanying notes, which are indexed by year at the bottom of this last presentation.

Browsing these photographs and notes and comparing them with the materials on the Blue Ridge quilters, students will see that the revival represented a widespread, national interest in quilting. The photographs and notes reveal a variety of techniques, styles, subject matter, motivations, and backgrounds. Searching on guild, class and lecture will locate numerous references to a national community of professional quilters. How else would you characterize the quilting revival as reflected by this material? How is the quilting of this revival different from that of the Blue Ridge quilters?