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[Detail] Major-General Zachary Taylor--President of the United States. 1848.



The Death of President Garfield: Judge Brady administering the Presidential oath to Vice-President Arthur. [September 20th 1881]

There are representations of inaugurations in the collection. Two of the inaugurations pictured (of Andrew Jackson in 1829 and of William McKinley in 1897) are in the capitol city of Washington, D.C. There is also a portrait of Woodrow Wilson and his second wife, Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, riding to the inauguration.

Search on Arthur, Jackson, McKinley, and Wilson for images of inaugurations. Students will find this illustration of Vice President Chester Arthur being given the oath of office in New York after the assassination of James Garfield.

Students can learn more about inaugurations by studying the Feature Presentation: Inaugurations in American Memory.