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[Detail] Major-General Zachary Taylor--President of the United States. 1848.



James Buchanan, Democratic Candidate for the president of the United States. [1856]


Millard Fillmore, American candidate for the president of the United States. [1856]

The collection provides a glimpse of the election procedure for the office of president. Most of the images are official portraits taken after presidential inaugurations. However, there are images of Millard Fillmore, James Buchanan, and William Henry Harrison while they were still candidates for office. (Fillmore had served as president earlier and was running again.)

Search on Fillmore, Buchanan and Harrison to see candidates' pictures and this campaign poster. The bibliographic notes give this description:

A large woodcut proof for a campaign banner or poster for the Native American party's 1856 presidential candidate. A bust portrait of Millard Fillmore appears in a roundel, flanked by allegorical figures of Justice (left) and Liberty (right). Both figures wear classical gowns and tiaras. Justice holds a large sword and scales, Liberty a staff and Phrygian cap and the Constitution. Atop the roundel perches an eagle, with American flags on either side. Below are a document "The Union" (left) and bundled fasces (right).

Search on James Buchanan for this campaign poster. The bibliographic description of it is as follows:

Proof for a large woodcut campaign poster or banner for Democratic presidential nominee James Buchanan. A bust-length portrait of Buchanan (apparently taken from Mathew Brady's 1854 daguerreotype portrait) is flanked by American flags and laurel branches.

Students can study more about elections by reviewing the Feature Presentation: Elections in American Memory.