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[Detail] Vue de Quebec, capitale du Canada. 1755.

American Revolution

The French and Indian War had serious repercussions for both the British and the French. The British had spent a great deal of money in pursuing the war and sought to recoup those funds, in part, through a series of taxes on the colonies. These taxes were one of the factors that stimulated the American colonists to revolt from Great Britain. Meanwhile, the defeated French enacted various military reforms, while maintaining their anti-British policies. These actions prepared the French to assist the colonists in their rebellion. An overview of the French role in the American Revolution is provided in the Themes section of the collection.

Examine the Comte de Rochambeau’s "Amérique Campagne," a collection of 46 maps of encampments during the American Revolution.  France in America also includes a number of military maps of engagements during the Revolution:

What information can be garnered from these maps about the scope of the war and the Franco-American alliance? While events in the 13 colonies on the Eastern seaboard took center stage during the American Revolution, there was a western front as well. Read excerpts from "George Rogers Clark’s Conquest of the Illinois," beginning with Chapter VII.

  • How important was Clark’s western campaign during the Revolution?
  • How did Clark use news of the alliance with France to further his goals?