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SRU Record Schemas

The table below lists schemas in which records may be transferred. The list is not exhaustive. None are required to be supported, and any other schema (whether on the list below or not) may be supported in addition.

The Explain document lists the XML schemas for a given database in which records may be transferred. Every schemas is unambiguously identified by a URI and a server may assign a short name, which may or may not be the same as the short name listed in the table below (and may differ from the short name that another server assigns).

  • If you wish to have an identifier listed here, then please contact the SRU Maintenance Agency.
  • Some "reference" links in the table below go to external Web sites

Schema (and link/reference) Short Name Identifier
Dublin Core Record Schema ( .xsd   .html ) dc info:srw/schema/1/dc-v1.1
SRU Diagnostic Schema diag info:srw/schema/1/diagnostic-v1.1
Explain Schema zeerex
MODS Schema Version 3.0 mods info:srw/schema/1/mods-v3.0
MODS Schema Version 3.1 mods info:srw/schema/1/mods-v3.1
MODS Schema Version 3.2 mods info:srw/schema/1/mods-v3.2
MODS Schema Version 3.3 mods info:srw/schema/1/mods-v3.3
MARCXML: The MARC 21 XML Schema marcxml info:srw/schema/1/marcxml-v1.1
EAD DTD Version 2002 ead info:srw/schema/1/ead-2002 ccg
Record Metadata Schema Version 1.0
rec info:srw/schema/2/rec-1.0
See schema-negotiation.html server-choice info:srw/schema/1/server-choice
UNIMARC XML Schema unimarcxml
The Bibliographic Class DTD dlxs-bib info:/srw/schema/10/dlxs-bib-v1.0
Dublin Core Extended (DCX) dcx info:/srw/schema/1/dcx-v1.0
PICA XML Version 1.0  
reference | schema (pica-xml-v1-0.xsd)
pica-XML info:srw/schema/5/picaXML-v1.0
MADS Schema Version 1.0
reference | schema
mads info:srw/schema/1/mads-v1.0
Zthes Schema Version 1.0
reference | schema
ISO 20775 Schema for holdings
reference | schema
isohold info:srw/schema/5/iso20775-v1.0
PRISM Aggregator Message Record Schema Version 2.0
pam info:srw/schema/11/pam-v2.0
PRISM Aggregator Message Record Schema Version 2.1
pam info:srw/schema/11/pam-v2.1
Document Availability Information API (DAIA/XML)
reference |
ISAD(G): General International Standard Archival Description, Second edition