SRU (Search/Retrieval Using URL)

Registered Profiles

SRU Profiles are documents which specify requirements which a server or client must conform to in order to claim compliance with that profile. The first profile below is distinguished as the SRU Base Profile, listing features recommended in order to ensure interoperability between SRU servers and clients. The Base Profile features are considered to be the base line implementation specifications, and if not implemented, the client or server will be unlikely to interoperate at all.

Profiles should not be confused with either context sets in CQL, or extensions for SRU. Profiles do not define anything new, they only list a set of requirements. Many profiles have associated context sets, record schemas and extensions, but the profile itself is just the list of these things. Each profile should have a unique identifier in order to distinguish it from other profiles. These identifiers should be listed in the Explain record.

  • If you wish to have a profile listed here, then please contact the SRU Maintenance Agency.
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Profile Version Description/usage   Identifying URI
Base Profile 1.1 The base profile for SRU and CQL compliance. info:srw/profile/1/base-profile-v1.1
ZeeRex 1.1 Searching registries of services, described by ZeeRex records (eg registries of SRU servers) info:srw/profile/2/zeerex-1.1
zthes 0.5 Thesaurus profile for searching thesauri.
Collectable Card Games 1.0 Searching descriptions of trading cards.
GILS 1.0 an SRU view of the GILS (Global Information Locator Service) profile of ISO 23950 info:srw/profile/14/gils-1.0
NorZIG 1.0 A profile to promote interoperability among Norwegian SRU services
Bath 2.0 An SRU profile based on the Bath profile for Z39.50. info:srw/profile/1/bath-v2
Bib 1.0 Bibliographic Searching info:srw/profile/1/bib-v1