SRU (Search/Retrieval Using URL)


SRU Base Profile

Conformance to this Profile

The features listed in this document are required in order to claim conformance to the SRU base profile. They are necessary in order to ensure interoperability between SRU servers and clients and are considered required for a client or server to be described as supporting the SRU protocol.

These features are considered to be the baseline implementation specifications, and if not implemented, the client or server will be unlikey to interoperate at all.

SearchRetrieve Support

  • Servers: Must support the searchRetrieve operation
  • Clients: Must support the searchRetrieve operation

In order to claim support for the searchRetrieve operation, at least the following record schemas must be supported:

  • Servers: Must support the diagnostic schema for returning errors.
  • Clients: Must recognise the diagnostic schema.

CQL Support

Servers must support the CQL Base Profile.

Explain Support

  • Servers: Must support Explain.
  • Clients: Must be able to retrieve the Explain record.

The Explain record describing the server must be available at the base URL and also via the 'explain' operation.

The record must conform to the following minimal specifications:

  • ServerInfo must be present and contain host, port and database.
  • ServerInfo attribute 'protocol' must be set to 'SRU' or 'SRW/U'. The version attribute must be given for the highest version supported.
  • IndexInfo must be present and contain at least one set and one index element.
  • Each such included index element must include at least one set and name map.